Official Recovery Partner Team DSM

Herzog has been Team DSM’s recovery partner for more than 10 years. We’ve got 3 secret ingredients for the riders to stay one step ahead of their competitors. Are you curious what we do for these pro riders?
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Winners wear Herzog

Team DSM riders wear Herzog Recovery socks after every workout. Customized & specially tailored to their legs.

Recovery is just as important as training effort. During multi-day rounds like the Tour de France, Vuelta and Paris-Nice the riders use recovery socks and compression shorts to recover as well as possible.

Romain Bardet

During grueling Grand Tours, it’s all about optimal recovery, so that I have enough energy left in the third week. That’s why I use the compression products from our recovery partner Herzog Medical.

Head of Science Team DSM

”Within Team DSM we are always looking for opportunities to lead the way and Herzog Medical’s products give this competitive advantage. We are therefore very happy and grateful to call Herzog our partner.”


Narelle Neumann – Head of Science Team DSM

How do these riders take their recovery to the next level?

With Compry Recovery the Team DSM riders always have their own masseur at hand: at home, on the road or in their hotel. It’s part of their recovery protocol: right after their training, they slide into their Herzog boots to give their recovery an instant boost. Compry Recovery increases the blood circulation, reduces muscle soreness and gives the riders fresh legs faster.

Do you want to integrate a daily recovery session into your training plan as well?