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With medical compression socks one quickly thinks of skin-colored support stockings. Herzog Medical is changing that. Because the PRO Compression Socks are developed from a TEK stocking, they fall into pressure class 2/3 and these brightly colored socks are also suitable for medical use.

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Avoid tired & heavy legs, relieve the symptoms of conditions in the legs and feel fit & vital again. Thanks to our compression socks, you improve your blood circulation.




What are Support Stockings or Therapeutic Elastic Stockings (TEK)?

First of all, a brief introduction to the world of the support stocking, officially TEK, but let’s stick to support stockings for convenience. These socks are provided on prescription via the banda yeast and must meet strict conditions:

  • Condition 1 There must be pressure from distal to proximal. This is the medical term for: further away from the heart / towards the heart.
  • Condition 2 The stocking must follow the leg contour very carefully.
  • Condition 3 Support stockings should always fit within a certain compression class. If not, they should not be called compression stockings.

The Herzog PRO compression socks are manufactured on the same machines on which support stockings are knitted. The socks deliver 30 mmHg on the ankle to 23 mmHg below the knee. There are 4 compression classes that are used depending on the medical picture. The amount of compression of the Herzog PRO compression socks falls into the high part of pressure class 2, even at the pressure class 3 limit.

For which medical complaints can you use the Herzog PRO Compression Socks?

Always consult your doctor if you have any medical complaints for the correct treatment plan.

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