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new in our assortment For anyone who could use some extra support The new Support sock is ideal for light training days, easy to put on and is available in 4 nice colors. The Support sock is perfect for everyday use, such as during long office or travel days. Whether you are jogging, walking or standing for hours at a time… the Support sock combats tired legs!

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  • Support Compression Socks Black

  • Herzog Support compressiekous grijs

    Support Compression socks grey

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    Support Compression Socks Blue

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    Support Compression Sock Pink


When do you wear the Support socks?

The Support sock is ideal for training days when the training intensity is just a bit lower Consider a round of jogging, walking, hiking or a mountain bike ride. For the runner doing a gentle endurance run, where the shock load is automatically lower than when training at higher speeds, the Support sock provides more than adequate compression.

The Support sock is also ideal when you stand for long periods of time, travel or sit at your office chair. At the end of a long day, do you ever have the imprint of your sock in your leg? That means your blood circulation was not optimal that day. With the Support socks your blood circulation will be stimulated and you will be on your way with fresh legs every day!

Herzog Medical Pro Socks

Which socks suit you?

Not sure if the Support compression sock or PRO compression sock is a better fit for you? We’ve listed all the differences for you so you can make the right choice.

Unique size system

At Herzog, they know that every person has unique calf contours. You can never guarantee an ideal compression gradient based only on a shoe size or calf circumference. Therefore, Herzog works with a sizing system in which the leg is measured at several points.


The Herzog Support sock is for all-round use. The socks supports blood circulation and venous return flow toward the heart. This allows optimal drainage of lactic acid and carbon dioxide. The Support socks offers you extra support during sports, walking, traveling and prolonged standing.

Compression details

• Pressure class 2
• 23-28 mmHG compression
• Dosed compression
– Compression socks with decreasing pressure gradient from ankle to knee
• Anatomical fit with a left and right foot

“I wear my Support stockings every day. On the slopes, during long car rides and after my training. It is a sock with a fine compression gradient and a wonderful footbed. And the best part: I never experience the feeling of ‘heavy legs’ when I take off my ski boots!”

Elle Base, professional alpine skier

More than 700,000 happy and satisfied Herzog users preceded you

• 84% experience fewer injuries • 34% bought the socks on the advice of their doctor/physiotherapist • 78% indicate faster recovery • 71% wear the socks preventively • 97% recommend the Herzog socks

Voordelen | Herzog Support Compression socks

  • Prevents tired legs from prolonged standing or sitting
  • No heavy legs after traveling
  • Ideal compression level for light training days
  • Comfortable walking socks due to ergonomic footbed
  • Improved athletic performance through optimal blood circulation
  • Faster recovery after exercise
  • Easy to slip on
  • Stabilizing effect reduces risk of injury
  • Less impact load on muscles and tendons
  • Maximum comfort, even with long effort
  • Less chance of cramping
  • No blisters due to flat seams and padded footbed
  • Anti-bacterial and odour-displacing
  • Good moisture transport when sweating

Scientifically proven

Herzog is the pioneer of compression in the sport. Our products are developed from scientific research. Since 2001 we have been in constant dialogue with sports doctors to ensure the quality of compression. Check out our studieshere.

Werking | Herzog Support Compression Socks

The Herzog Support Compression Socks have a beneficial effect during your daily activities, on light training days and while hiking: jouw dagelijkse activiteiten, op lichte trainingsdagen en tijdens het wandelen:

Optimal blood circulation while working & traveling
Optimal blood circulation while working and traveling The decreasing pressure gradient of the compression stocking ensures optimal blood circulation. This way you will avoid heavy or tired legs. The padded footbed allows you to wear the Support socks for hours on end without any problems.

Improved athletic performance & faster recovery
Because fluid and waste products are drained faster, you improve athletic performance and speed up your recovery. The medium compression level (23-28 mmHG) makes the Support socks perfect on training days when the intensity is a bit lower.

Prevent hiking injuries
It is a well-known phenomenon that hikers often retain some fluid around the ankle or foot. The moisture wicking properties of the Support compression socks make it a great tool when you want to recover faster. The special pressure level also reduces shock loads on the calves, preventing typical hiking injuries.

Recovering on the couch with Herzog Medical

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