PRO Sport Compression Ankle Socks

The Herzog Compression Ankle Socks provide support to the arch of the foot and reduce complaints to the tendon plate under the foot. Wearing Herzog Compression Ankle Socks prevents heel complaints (heel spur) and reduces fluid accumulation.

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  • PRO Compression Ankle Socks

  • PRO Compression Ankle Socks

  • Enkelsokken bundel

    PRO Compression ankle socks – Bundle

  • PRO Compression Ankle Socks

  • PRO Compression Ankle Socks

  • PRO Compression Ankle Socks

  • PRO Compression Ankle Socks

  • PRO Compression Tube & Ankle Sock – Bundle


Ideal for these sports

The Herzog PRO Compression ankle socks are suitable for all kinds of sports. Think of running, football, korfball, tennis, ice skating, skiing, basketball, volleyball, hockey, trail running, triathlon, cycling, athletics, gymnastics and hiking.

Herzog Medical Pro Socks

Unique ankle sock

The Herzog compression ankle socks make an important contribution to preventing irritation of the tendon plate under the foot and keep the arch on tension. In addition, they are superior sports socks with an ergonomic left and right foot, knitted with antibacterial yarns with extra cushioning around the ball of the foot and under the heel bone to protect the fat layer below.


The ankle sock provides a firm compression on the foot vault and around the heel-instep line. This extra compression is important to maintain the natural well-being of the sole of the foot and to relieve the tendon plate, which will reduce the sagging of the arch of the foot.


• Anatomical fit with a left and right foot • Extra cushioning under the heel and ball of the foot • Antibacterial yarn • Excellent compression to prevent irritation to the tendon plate
”The Herzog sports compression socks effectively contribute to the prevention of lower leg complaints, I get as feedback from many top athletes.”

Prof. Dr. F.J.G. Backx. Sports doctor

More than 700,000 happy and satisfied Herzog users preceded you

• 84% experience fewer injuries • 34% bought the socks on the advice of their doctor/physiotherapist • 78% indicate faster recovery • 71% wear the socks preventively • 97% recommend the Herzog socks

Benefits | Herzog PRO Compression Ankle Socks

  • More energy during exercise
  • Faster recovery after exercise
  • Prevents irritation of the tendon plate
  • Supports the foot cavity
  • Prevents moisture accumulation
  • Less shock load
  • Fewer injuries
  • Optimal support of muscles and tendons
  • Rapid disposal of waste
  • Flexible zoom (ankle)
  • Reinforced ankle padding
  • Anatomical shaped sock, left & right
  • Compression descending to the underside of the calf
  • Ideal to use with the tubes
  • Perfect for hikers
  • Suitable for sports and after exercise

Scientifically proven

Herzog is the pioneer of compression in the sport. Our products are developed from scientific research. Since 2001 we have been in constant dialogue with sports doctors to ensure the quality of compression. Check out our studieshere.

Operation | Herzog PRO Compression Ankle Socks

Herzog PRO ankle socks work excellently in the following cases.

Tendon plate irritation
The excellent compression on the foot arch ensures that the arch will sag less. This relieves the tendon plate and prevents injuries.

Swollen feet
Hikers and runners know the swollen foot problem after a big walk or run. The swollen feet cause pain and sometimes prevent the progression. A good remedy, other than putting your legs up in breaks and after an activity there was not yet.

Moisture drainage
The compression of this Herzog ankle sock ensures that moisture with the waste from the combustion process is discharged more quickly and therefore less moisture can form in the foot.

Herzog PRO Ankle Socks