PRO Sport Compression Socks

Suffering from muscle pain? Do you want to be ahead of running injuries? Herzog PRO Compression Socks, also known as Compression Socks, are effective in calf complaints, shinsplint and Achilles tendon problems. The tubes reduce the impact load, preventing muscle damage. The socks also ensure an optimal disposal of waste. This will help you recover faster and reduce cramping and stiff calves.

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Ideal for these sports

The Herzog PRO Compression Socks are suitable for all kinds of sports. Think of running, football, korfball, tennis, ice skating, skiing, basketball, volleyball, hockey, trail running, triathlon, cycling, athletics, gymnastics and hiking.

Herzog Medical Pro Socks

Unique size system

For optimal compression, it is very important that your socks have a perfect fit. After all, a slender marathon runner with shoe size 39 has completely different contours than a muscular sprinter with the same shoe size. Herzog Medical has a unique size system and an assortment that consists of no less than 54 ready-to-wear sizes. Calculate your size here


The Herzog PRO Sport Compression Socks have a beneficial effect before, during and after sports practice in three ways: Injury prevention, can be used in injury treatment and recovery & performance-enhancing.

Compression details

• Pressure class 2
• 23-32 mmHG compression
• Compression stockings with decreasing pressure gradient from ankle to knee

”The Herzog sports compression socks effectively contribute to the prevention of lower leg complaints, I get as feedback from many top athletes.”

Prof. Dr. F.J.G. Backx. Sports doctor

More than 700,000 happy and satisfied Herzog users preceded you

• 84% experience fewer injuries • 34% bought the socks on the advice of their doctor/physiotherapist • 78% indicate faster recovery • 71% wear the socks preventively • 97% recommend the Herzog socks

Benefits | Herzog PRO Compression Socks

  • More energy during exercise
  • Faster recovery after exercise
  • Effective for calf complaints, shinsplints and Achilles tendon problems
  • Less shock load
  • Reduces the risk of injuries to muscles and joints
  • Improved performance due to the increase in blood circulation in your legs
  • The stabilizing effect reduces the risk of injuries to muscles and joints
  • The stabilizing effect reduces the risk of injuries to muscles and joints
  • Injury prevention
  • Less chance of cramping
  • Extremely durable
  • Maximum comfort, even with long effort
  • No blisters due to pressure points
  • Extra flat toe seam repelling
  • Anti-bacterial and odour-displacing
  • Improving moisture regulation

Scientifically proven

Herzog is the pioneer of compression in the sport. Our products are developed from scientific research. Since 2001 we have been in constant dialogue with sports doctors to ensure the quality of compression. Check out our studieshere.

Operation | Herzog PRO Compression Socks

The Herzog Sport Compression Socks have a beneficial effect before, during and after sports practice in three ways;

Injury prevention
Due to the shock-absorbing effect of the socks, less is pulled on your tendons and tibia fleece. There is also less muscle tissue damage. This reduces the risk of Achilles tendon pains, calf complaints and shin injuries.

Useful for injury treatment
In case of a microcrack or whipping, the stocking ensures that the wound edges are kept tightly together. This speeds up the healing process and reduces the risk of scarring.

Promoting recovery and performance
The decreasing pressure course of the compression is ensures optimal blood circulation. Because waste is disposed of faster, you also speed up your recovery.

Compression sock