PRO Sport Compression Armsleeves

For athletes who experience (extreme) shock and shaking forces during competition or training, the Sport Compression Armsleeves from Herzog Medical are ideal. The Compression Armsleeves have a beneficial effect in three ways: Faster disposal of waste, less muscle fatigue, decreasing pressure from wrist to shoulder.

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  • PRO Sport Compression Armsleeves

  • PRO Sport Compression Armsleeves


Ideal for these sports

The Herzog PRO Compression armleeves are suitable for all kinds of sports. Think volleyball, table tennis, korfball, tennis, skiing, basketball, hockey, baseball, softball, trail running, triathlon, and gymnastics.

Herzog Medical Pro Socks

Unique size system

For optimal compression, it is very important that your armleeves have a perfect fit. Herzog Medical has a unique measurement system. Calculate your size here


The Herzog PRO Sport Compression Armsleeves have a beneficial effect in three ways: Faster disposal of waste materials, less muscle fatigue, decreasing pressure from wrist to shoulder.

Compression details

• Pressure class 1
• 18-21 mmHG compression
• Compression sleeves with decreasing pressure gradient from wrist to shoulder

Herzog Armsleeve Margo Degraef

“For a long time, the Herzog arm sleeves were essential for me in every game and training to get rid of tricep injuries. Now I mainly use them preventively. They reduce the shock load and offer perfect muscle stabilization!”

Margo Degraef, top badminton player Belgian team

More than 700,000 happy and satisfied Herzog users preceded you

• 84% experience fewer injuries • 34% bought the socks on the advice of their doctor/physiotherapist • 78% indicate faster recovery • 71% wear the socks preventively • 97% recommend the Herzog socks

Benefits | Herzog PRO Compression Armsleeves

  • Faster waste disposal
  • Decreasing pressure from wrist to shoulder
  • Optimal pressure gradient
  • Optimal operation
  • Multiple measuring points
  • Less shock load
  • Less muscle fatigue
  • More energy
  • Optimal circulation
  • Maximum muscle stabilization
  • Faster recovery
  • Less lactic acid build-up in the arm muscles
  • Less shocks, vibrations and pain in the arms
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Preventive reduction of swelling, fluid accumulation after exercise
  • Fewer scratches and bruises in trail running
  • Reduction of risk of cramps
  • Lightweight
  • Fewer folds

Scientifically proven

Herzog is the pioneer of compression in the sport. Our products are developed from scientific research. Since 2001 we have been in constant dialogue with sports doctors to ensure the quality of compression. Check out our studieshere.

Operation | Herzog PRO Compression Armsleeves

The Herzog Sport Compression Stockings have a beneficial effect because the forces released on the arm and elbow are very adequately absorbed by the sleeves.

Static arm load
The function of the sleeves when exercising with a static arm load, such as motocross, is to accelerate the supply of oxygen and sugars and the removal of extorting and thus improve circulation in the muscles. This reduces the risk of cramping and improves performance.

Dynamic arm load
When there is a dynamic arm load, such as in tennis, the blows are absorbed on the arm and elbow that arise, for example, from the strength of the ball on the racket during a service or smash, or jump service in volleyball or with a powerful dunk during basketball.

Promoting recovery and performance
The decreasing pressure course of the compression arm slot ensures optimal blood circulation. Because waste is disposed of faster, you also speed up your recovery.

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