Compression scientifically proven with the following studies

Compartment syndrome, Sports doctor Isala

Sports doctor Isala Clinics

It was clear in this study that the interstitial pressure went up sharply while wearing the sports compressionous. Effects on not forming edema will almost certainly have this stocking. It is still unclear whether this can also affect the exercise compartment syndrome in a favorable way. However, our first experiences in practice with prescribing and wearing these sports compressionsocks with complaints that may fit the exercise-related compartment syndrome are positive.

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Compression stockings in cycling, useful or not?

JJG Knops

Wearing compression stockings leads to a reduction in heart rate during efforts around the tipping point. This may be due to increased venous return or better oxygen delivery in the active muscles. However, on the basis of this research and the current state of literature, this phenomenon cannot yet be explained.

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User experiences of 50 Soldiers

W.O. Zimmermann and M.A. Paantjens

In 2009, Drs. Wessel Zimmermann, a physician at the Ministry of Defence, conducted research into the use of Herzog Sport Compression Socks in military personnel. This research shows that sports compression socks contribute positively to the healing of lower leg complaints of soldiers.

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Optimal recovery after the marathon

Stuart A Armstrong, Eloise S Till, Stephen Maloney, Gregory Harris

Running a marathon is often an attack on your body and its recovery takes a long time. Reducing muscle fatigue depends heavily on a quick removal of moisture and waste. New Australian research conducted by Dr. Stuart Armstrong, Anglesea Sports Medicine, Hamilton, New Zealand, etc., it appears that the use of compression socks with a relatively high compression of over 30 mm Hg at the ankle/underside of the calf and a decreasing pressure profile towards the knee can significantly accelerate this recovery.

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Pain in the legs and Herzog Sport Compression socks

Many athletes/runners know it: a slowly but surely emerging and irritating pain in the lower leg: calf injury and/ or shin complaints. Sometimes also a fierce sudden pain shoot in the calf, a muscle tear or whipping. Many are forced to stop the sport they enjoy for a longer or shorter period of time. And after a long recovery, it is difficult to get back to the old level. Often the athlete no longer dares to give himself 100 percent because of the fear that the injury will come back.

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Faster Recovery Shinsplints

E.G. Willems and M.H. Moen (Sports Medicine)

This research shows that athletes with shin splints recover 11% faster when a Herzog Medical sports compressionous is added to the rehabilitation. The exact results will soon be published in the scientific journal Sport and Medicine.

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Sport Compression sock for calf complaints

Dr. I.G.L. van de Port and Prof. F.J.G. Backx (Sports Medicine UMC Utrecht)

The first impression of the users about the sports compressionous seems positive. The small number of side effects and the positive attitude towards the wearing comfort are beneficial. Furthermore, the population of this user survey consisted to a large extent of athletes with long-term (chronic) calf complaints, who have already tried to get rid of their complaints in many other ways. That is precisely why all recovery and performance-enhancing effects of the sports compressionsocks can be called positive.

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