PRO Compression Ankle Socks Green


The Herzog Compression Ankle Socks provide support to the arch of the foot and reduce complaints to the tendon plate under the foot. Wearing Herzog Compression Ankle Socks prevents heel complaints (heel spur) and reduces fluid accumulation.


Compression on the foot vault
The PRO Compression Ankle Socks make an important contribution to preventing irritation of the tendon plate under the foot and keep the arch of the foot under tension. Extra cushioning around the ball of the foot and under the heel bone protect the fat layer under the foot. In addition, they are superior sports socks with an ergonomic left and right foot, knitted with antibacterial yarns.

The ankle sock provides a firm compression on the foot vault and around the heel-instep line. This extra compression is important to maintain the natural well-being of the sole of the foot and to relieve the tendon plate, which will reduce the sagging of the arch of the foot.

Swollen feet
Many hikers, and to a lesser extent also runners, know the 'swollen' foot phenomenon during and after a brisk walk or run. The feet feel sore and continuing is sometimes hampered seriously. Until now there was no good remedy for this, other than putting the legs up in breaks and after the effort.
The cause of this discomfort lies mainly in the binding of moisture with the protein-rich breakdown products that are released during exercise. This fluid (edema) cannot be drained from the feet and ankles quickly enough by the venous system.

A contribution to a faster disposal can be made by applying dosed compression from the outside. A technique developed by Herzog as early as the 1990s and has been increasingly perfected.
Additional compression on the foot vault and ankle region descending to the underside of the calf ensures:
A. that fluids with the metabolic waste are disposed of more quickly.
B. and therefore less edema formation can occur in the foot

Combination of ankle socks and tubes
Due to the compressing effect of the ankle socks, fluid accumulation with metablic waste is moved from the foot, through the tube, further up. This combination makes it possible to keep the tubes on after your workout because compression is applied to the entire lower leg.
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