Herzog Support Socks – The new generation

The compression socks for anyone who could use some extra support

The new Support sock is ideal for light training days, easy to put on and is available in 4 nice colors. Whether you are jogging, walking or standing for hours at a time… the Support sock combats tired legs! Where the PRO socks is meant for maximum efforts, the Support line is perfect for the less intensive training days. This all-round compression socks also offers the ideal support during long office or travel days.



The difference between our PRO & SUPPORT socks

Both the Herzog PRO and the Herzog Support socks have a decreasing pressure from the ankle to the knee and ensure that waste products are removed faster. The technical aspects and medical background of the PRO series are therefore incorporated in the Support socks. Curious where the difference is?

Support Compression Socks Grey/Blue

SUPPORT Compression

Your daily support

Medium compression level

Low-impact workouts & daily use

3 measuring points

  • Medium compression (23-28 mmHg)
  • For light training days
  • Injury prevention
  • Combating tired legs
  • Less muscle pain, faster recovery after training
  • Padded foot for ultimate comfort
  • Easy to slip on



PRO Compression

The sock for top performance

Maximum compression level

Medium & High-impact workouts

6 measuring points

  • Maximum compression (23-32 mmHg)
  • For intensive training days
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury treatment: significant improvement of complaints (scientifically proven
  • Less muscle pain, faster recovery after training
  • Medical quality mark (MDR)



Which compression socks is right for you?

PRO socks – High intensity sports

The PRO sock is especially for the athlete who demands a lot from his body and has to deal with a high shock load on the lower legs. During running, explosive (ball) sports, jumping movements, sprinting and fierce kicking, your calves, Achilles tendons and shins have to endure a lot. For this type of ‘high intensity’ sports, the PRO socks is ideal. The PRO compression socks is recommended by physiotherapists and sports doctors in the injury prevention and treatment of various injuries to the lower leg.

The PRO socks delivers more compression (30 mmHg at ankle level) than the Support stocking (25 mmHg at ankle level). This way you give your blood circulation a maximum boost. Athletes who want to optimally use Herzog’s compression technology usually opt for the PRO series.

Recovering on the couch with Herzog Medical

Support socks – Daily use

The Support sock is ideal for training days where the training intensity and / or the shock load is slightly lower. The Support sock offers the perfect support when you put less strain on your body. Think, for example, of a jog, walk, hike or mountain bike ride. For the runner who does a quiet walk-through, where the shock load is automatically lower than with a pace training with higher speed, the Support sock offers more than enough compression.

The Support sock offers a footbed with a very high wearing comfort. Because the sock is knitted with premium yarn with the heel and ball of the foot padded, you can wear this compression sock for hours on end. Whether you are at your desk, in the car or on the plane: with the Support socks from Herzog you get rid of tired legs or swollen feet.

If you want to experience the Herzog compression technology to the maximum, choose the PRO series. When medium compression is sufficient for you and you attach great importance to an ergonomic and padded footbed, it is best to go for our Support series.

Which compression socks do you go for?

  • Support Compression Socks Black

  • Herzog Support compressiekous grijs

    Support Compression socks grey

  • Pro Compressiekousen geel

    PRO Compressionsocks

  • PRO Compressionsocks


Go for it!