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Do compression ankle socks also help against heel spur?

Yes, heel spurs often arise from temporary or prolonged overload of the sole tendon. In the case of these problems, it is important to relieve the tendon plate. The ankle sock, an ‘all-round sports sock’ prevents irritation of the tendon plate under the foot and keeps the arch of the foot on tension. The ankle sock also provides a firm compression on the foot vault and around the heel-instep line, maintaining the natural curfing of the sole of the foot.

Do compressionsocks make your muscles lazy?

One of the myths surrounding compressionsocks is: the socks weaken your muscles. And as befits a real fable, it’s not true. Compressionsocks do not support your muscles. But support the development of strength.

Athletes who wear compressionsocks initially think that muscle strength decreases. After all, the socks are tight around the lower legs. Especially with the calves you feel the stability. Then you might think that the calf muscles have to work less and therefore lose strength. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Compressionsocks give pressure from the outside, but give too little support to really take over the function of muscles. Such as, for example, taping your ankles does have an effect on wagging. A compression stocking does not save that. You swivel just as hard as without a compression stocking.

So what does the compression do?

The pressure from the outside stimulates the blood flow of muscles and fibers. These become acidified less quickly, get more oxygen for longer, so that they continue to perform better.
As a result, the athlete is able to train longer and especially more intensively. This in turn benefits muscle strength.

Do compressionsocks your muscles? No, on the contrary. Compressionsocks allow you to strengthen your muscles.

Where can I see the size of the Herzog PRO Compression Socks and Tubes?

The size of the socks is stated on the sole of the foot.

You can find this in the tubes by counting the lines on the inside. 1 is short, 2 is long and 3 is extra long. At the back, just below the ‘H’, you see Roman numerals woven into the sock. These represent sizes 1 to 6.

How much compression do the Herzog PRO Compression Socks and Tubes have?

The Herzog PRO Compression Socks and Tubes offer a relatively high compression at ankle level of +/- 30mmHg, decreasing towards the knee, +/- 23mmHg.

What is the lifespan of Herzog PRO Compression Socks and Tubes?

When used and maintained correctly, the Herzog Compression Socks and Tubes maintain their optimal operation for about six months. The warranty period is also limited to this period. Our blog post How long will the Herzog PRO socks function optimally? goes into this in detail.

How should I wash the Herzog PRO Compression socks and tubes?

You can extend the life of your socks and tubes by washing them by hand or in the washing machine after use at a maximum of 40ºc. Do not use fabric softener for this. Don’t wring or spin. Then let the socks dry to air. Do not expose them to direct heating (radiators, sunlight, dryer). Don’t iron. Do not clean chemically or with washing petrol!

Why is there no difference between a left and a right sock?

Because the Herzog PRO Sport Compression socks are derived from the Therapeutic Elastic Stockings (support stockings), these socks are knitted in such a way that the quality and compression are guaranteed. The base of the PRO sock is of the same thickness as the shaft, providing the correct compression. If you would put the same sock on the same foot every time, you would get certain pressure points, for example at the big toe. Because you now, unconsciously, have the socks change feet every time, and therefore pressure points, you prevent premature wear.

What is the difference between the PRO Compression Sock and the Active Compression Sock?

Both the Herzog PRO Sport Compression Sock and the Herzog Active Compression Sock have a decreasing pressure gradient from the ankle to the knee and ensure that waste products are removed more quickly. The difference between the PRO and Active sock are 2 things:

1. The amount of compression
Where the PRO socks offer a lot of compression (30mmHg at ankle level), the Active socks offer just a little less compression (25mmHg at ankle level). The PRO socks are often used by runners and athletes who have to deal with a lot of shock load on the calves (running / turning / jumping / putting on fierce). The Active socks are ideal for hikers or athletes who put less strain on the body. Since the impact of the landing during walking (1 ½ times the body weight) is considerably less than during running (3 times the body weight), socks with a little less compression suffice. The Active socks are therefore very suitable for walking.

2. The footbed
In addition, the Active compression sock has a slightly thicker footbed than the PRO compression sock.

Has the effect of Herzog Compression socks been scientifically proven?

The preventive effect of compression socks has been demonstrated in various scientific studies . For example, 93% of runners with traditional running socks experience muscle soreness after running 10 kilometers, compared to only 14% after running 10 kilometers in sports compression socks¹. Positive results were also reported among (air) travelers. After a five-hour flight, 60% of travelers wearing compression socks experienced less pain and 45% less swelling of the legs². Such socks can also be a solution for staff with a standing profession. Nurses say that they suffer less pain (84%) and swollen legs (74%) during work by wearing compression socks³.

For more information about the different scientific studies , click here .


What does pressure class 2 mean?

The pressure class of compression socks, both sports compression socks and medical support stockings (TEK), is expressed in mmHg. There are a number of types of pressure with these socks/stockings, namely:

Class A: 10 – 14 mmHg
Class 1: 15 – 21 mmHg
Class 2: 23 – 32 mmHg
Class 3: 36 – 46 mmHg
Class 4: > 49 mmHg

The higher the class, the higher the pressure.

What size Compression Ankle Sock should I buy?
When choosing the right size, it is important that the daily shoe size is used and not the sports shoe size. When you are on the limit of a size, choose the smaller size for the correct compression. E.g. shoe size 38.5 then choose the sock size 36-38.
Why does the Knee Support go individually?
The Knee support goes per piece because every knee is different. For example, your one knee may be just a bit thinner than the other, so that the support will not match.
We also notice that people often suffer from one knee. That is why there is a support for that one knee.

Compry Recovery

Can I try the Compry Recovery?

We have multiple options to try out the Compry Recovery. For example, we often take these with us when we are at an event (keep an eye on our social media channels), but you can also rent the Compry Recovery. We rent these for € 60 per week, excl. 21 VAT and shipping costs. If you decide to buy, this rental amount will be settled with the purchase price of Compry Recovery.

Can I rent the Compry Recovery first?

Yes, you can. We rent the Compry Recovery for € 60 per week, excl. 21 VAT and shipping costs. If you decide to purchase, this rental amount will be deducted from the purchase price (€ 695 incl.) of Compry Recovery.


What payment methods are possible?

For the payment method you can choose from: transfer, iDEAL, PayPal and Credit Card.

How can I cancel or change an order?

If you have made a mistake in your order, it is often still possible to cancel or change the order. You have to report this before 13:00 on the day the order was placed and provided that the order has not yet been sent. We recommend that you cancel by phone so that you can act more quickly.

What does the 'in reorder' notification in the webshop mean?

Herzog Medical strives to send orders within 1 working day of receipt of the payment. When your product is in the webshop ‘in reorderindicates that the delivery time is taking a little longer than usual. If the delivery lasts more than a week, we will let you know.


What are the shipping costs of my order?

Within the Netherlands the shipping costs are € 5.57 incl VAT. The shipping costs to addresses outside the Netherlands are automatically calculated in the ordering process. For orders over €60, – no shipping costs are charged within the Netherlands and Belgium.

Where can I enter my discount code?

If you have received a discount code from us, you can enter it in the shopping cart. Just below the products is a grey input field with the text ‘add discount code’ (depending on the size of your screen, this text can be used). In this field you enter the short code. Then click on ‘Activate’ to apply the discount code to your order.

When will my order be delivered?

Herzog Medical strives to ship orders paid before 13:00 within 1 working day of receipt. Usually the product will be on your doormat the next working day. However, because we are dependent on carriers, we cannot guarantee delivery times.

Do you also deliver on weekends?

I’m afraid not. Our packages are only delivered by our delivery partner on working days.

Contact & Return

How can I exchange or return a product?

Not what you expected? It is possible to exchange or return the products within 14 days of purchase. Please Contact customer service to exchange a product. The goods must be returned unworn and in their original packaging. You can find more about returns here.

How about my warranty?

Herzog Medical BV guarantees that the products delivered through its webshop meet the requirements of usability, reliability and lifespan as reasonably intended by the parties to the purchase agreement, and thus guarantees the warranty of the product delivered to you.

It is important that in the event of a defect or warranty of an article (webshop) purchased from Herzog Medical BV, the customer contacts the company by sending an email to info@herzogmedical.com . In this e-mail the order number, a detailed description of the defect and possibly one or more photos of the defect must be displayed. After receiving the e-mail, the request will be processed and feedback will be given within 14 days.

When the product has been purchased through one of the points of sale of Herzog Medical BV, all warranty and complaints must go through the relevant point of sale.

Further details on the terms of the warranty can be found on General terms and conditions under section 11

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