Why choose Herzog Compression?

One thing is certain: compression is ‘hot’. There are plenty of compression socks on the market today. In addition, you see all kinds of claims: compression socks ensure fewer injuries, better blood circulation and faster muscle recovery. Yet one compression socks is not the other… Do you want to know what makes Herzog socks so unique?



What makes Herzog socks unique?


Herzog stands for customization. At Herzog, they take into account that every athlete has different leg sizes. That is why Herzog works with an innovative measuring system in which the leg is measured at 5 points. You can never guarantee a perfect compression gradient based on just a shoe size or calf size.

2. Medical certificate

socks have an official medical certificate (MDR). This certification mark shows that every claim made about the product has been scientifically proven. At Herzog you are dealing with a reliable product.

3. Scientific evidence

Herzog is the only compression socks supplier that produces socks that have been scientifically proven to be effective in fighting injuries. The most recent and independent research that has taken place has been carried out by the University Medical Center Utrecht (2021). This study showed, among other things, that 90% of athletes with Herzog socks are no longer confronted with recurring injuries.

4. Premium quality

Herzog compression socks are knitted with high-quality microfibers. Due to the flat seams, Herzog socks are wear-resistant and blistering is prevented. You are assured of a perfect fit and thanks to the mix of premium yarn also of optimal heat regulation.

How Herzog compression works

With Herzog Compression Socks you support your calf muscles and stimulate blood circulation. Many athletes wear Herzog socks injury prevention. The special pressure gradient of the socks ensures that the shock load on the lower leg is absorbed more efficiently. Due to the compressing effect of the socks, less is pulled on the Achilles tendons and the tibia and you reduce the risk of calf injuries, Achilles tendon complaints or shin meat inflammation. Herzog socks are also ideal in the treatment of these injuries. Herzog socks are also an ideal tool to combat muscle fatigue. Because waste products from the combustion process are removed faster, you recover faster and experience less muscle pain.

In-depth study for professionals

Do you have a (para)medical background and do you want to know everything about the physiological background? Are you curious about how it is possible that athletes with Herzog socks experience significantly less muscle damage? Do you want all the ins and outs about the performance-enhancing effect of compression socks? Go in depth and read all about blood circulation, calf muscle pumping and the burning process.

Prevent. Perform. Recover.