Fit legs after a long working day in healthcare

Do you often suffer from heavy legs or tired feet during or after work? With Herzog PRO Sport Compressionsocks you go to work every day with fresh legs.

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Long days, during which you have to constantly stand and walk, demand a lot from the body. You probably recognize it… At the end of your working day, you have tired legs, burning feet or you may even be holding some fluid around your ankles. With Herzog Support Compression Socks you prevent these inconveniences.



The Herzog socks that support your office job

Compression Socks for every working day

Compression Socks are only for older people, aren’t they? Nothing could be further from the truth! socks are suitable for everyone. Moreover, the eye also wants something: the compression stockings of Herzog socks are Available in various colors and models. Why are socks so useful during an office day where you sit a lot and move little? When you sit for a long time, optimal blood circulation does not take place. As a result, you may retain some moisture in your feet and legs. Herzog socks improve blood circulation because they have a decreasing pressure flow from the ankle to the knee. Preventing the socks fluid accumulation around the ankles and provide relief in your feet and legs throughout the day. The socks are designed with strict medical and technical specifications to ensure the perfect fit and the ideal level of compression.

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‘The fine print’:
– From 10 employees
– Mon to Fri between 10:00h-15:00h


The positive effects of Herzog socks

Whether you spend hours at your desk or spend several hours a day on your feet: Herzog socks improve blood flow. What do Herzog socks add to your working day?

  • Fresh legs after prolonged sitting or standing
  • Less tired muscles
  • No swollen legs or feet
  • Improved blood flow in your legs
  • No restless legs
  • No more cold feet

More than 700,000 happy and satisfied Herzog users preceded you

• 84% experience fewer injuries • 78% report recovering faster • 71% wear the socks preventively • 97% recommend the Herzog socks

Our Support socks

Herzog Support compression socks black

PRO Compressionsocks


PRO Compressionsocks


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Support Compression socks grey


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