Recovery Gun


- Reduceert spierpijn
- Stimuleert de bloedcirculatie
- Masseert spierknopen los
- Activeert je spieren

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Fanatical athletes often struggle with stiff calves, muscle knots or fatigue. The Herzog PRO Recovery Gun is ideal for massaging muscles and promoting recovery. The gun is applicable to different muscle groups and stimulates blood circulation so that waste products are removed faster after exercise. By means of vibrations, the blood supply to a specific area is increased, which reduces muscle tension. The fast vibrations and the choice of 6 different attachment heads ensure that the Herzog PRO Recovery Gun penetrates deep and effectively into your muscles. Due to the compact size and the handy handle, you can also easily reach difficult places such as back and shoulders.

✔ 6 different massage heads
✔ 7 hours battery life
✔ Very quiet motor (45-60 dB)
✔ Powerful, quiet motor vibration (1800-3600 RPM)
✔ Lightweight
✔ Short charging time

The Herzog Recovery Gun is used by pro cycling teams

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The Herzog massage gun is suitable for all types of athletes. Think of running, football, korfball, tennis, skating, skiing, basketball, volleyball, hockey, trail running, triathlon, cycling, and athletics. With the recovery gun you prevent muscle tension and give your muscles the perfect massage.

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“I use Herzog’s recovery gun to massage our riders. This tool is particularly ideal during multi-day stages when I treat stiff quadriceps and hamstrings. I’ve had quite a few guns in my hands and this product really falls within the top segment of massage devices.”

Adolfo Crespo, soigneur Trek-Segafredo

Why pro riders use the Herzog recovery gun:

✔ To promote recovery after training or course
✔ Treating stiff and sensitive muscles
✔ Reducing muscle tension in the buttocks, thighs and quadriceps
✔ Stimulating blood circulation
✔ To prevent injuries
✔ Loose-massaging muscle groups as part of the warm-up