Compry Recovery PRO+


  • Overlapping rooms
  • 8 compression chambers
  • LED display
  • 6 programs
  • Optionally controllable with a mobile app
  • 25 pressure levels, adjustable per 10mmHG
  • Room skip function
  • Time to set from 5 to 60 minutes
  • 6-hour battery life
  • Voltage 110 – 240
  • Comes with a sturdy and beautiful travel bag

Directly available

To determine the correct size, it is important that the leg length is measured. Leg length is measured from the heel to the groin. The measurements passed on are an indication. It can differ per person what they like.

Short: > 85cm
Long: < 86 cm


Compry Recovery PRO

The Compry Recovery PRO is perfect for taking on the road. The eight different compression chambers give the right amount of compression on every part of your legs. Combine this with the 25 different compression strengths and six different programs, you won’t go anywhere without the Compry Recovery PRO.

What makes the PRO even more special is the fact that the PRO can be used wirelessly. The battery in the system lasts up to 6 hours. This way you are not tied to sockets and you can use the system literally anywhere.

The system comes with a pair of compression legs in your chosen size, the system and a sturdy bag so you can take the Compry Recovery PRO with you.

Herzog Medical Pro Socks

For whom it is of interest

  1. Anyone who loves sports. Perfect for your recovery after exercise. Whether you are a recreational athlete or a top athlete.
  2. Anyone who can use a (daily) massage. Coming home from work to relieve some fatigue, when you need some help with your circulation or when you want to activate your body.


Due to the repeated sequential and intermittent inflation and deflation of the air chambers, air compression repair chambers will repeatedly press on the tissue.

Compression details

• 10-250 mmHG compression
• The compression can be built up in 10 mmHG increments, so you can set the ideal pressure for your legs.

”The Herzog sports compression socks effectively contribute to the prevention of lower leg complaints, I get as feedback from many top athletes.”

Prof. dr. F.J.G. Backx. sport physician