Get more out of your winter sports with the Herzog Active Ski Socks.
Prevent tired legs and recover significantly faster after a day on the slopes. A perfect fit guaranteed by 3 measuring points!

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Maybe you recognize it… After that first day of intensive skiing or snowboarding you have quite heavy legs in the evening. The next day you are a bit stiff, sometimes you suffer from painful calves or worse; You get the first symptoms of cramping. Many winter sports enthusiasts also have to deal with the feeling of ‘burning thighs’. How do you ensure that you are on the slopes every day during your winter sports holiday?



How do these tired legs come about?
A lot of people don’t think about it… During skiing and snowboarding, there is no optimal muscle pumping effect in your calves. Because your lower legs are virtually motionless in your ski or snowboard boot, the blood circulation in your calf muscles is far from ideal. Winter sports enthusiasts often already have to deal with tired legs, stiff calves or restless thighs on day two or three. This ‘heavy feeling’ is easy to explain. It is also not at all surprising that at the end of the day you want nothing more than to take off those heavy ski boots. Due to the static posture of your leg in your ski or snowboard boot, the calf muscle pumping effect is limited. The blood vessels in your calves are not regularly and rhythmically compressed, so you are dealing with reduced blood circulation. The result is tired legs and in some cases even crampy symptoms.

The Herzog Active Ski Sock
The Herzog Active Ski Sock can prevent this type of discomfort. What is this exactly? The sock compresses, i.e. pushes on your leg muscles, in such a way that the highest pressure is applied to the ankle and decreases towards the knee. The blood in the veins, containing dissolved waste from the combustion process, is therefore adequately discharged against gravity, which also no longer hinders the supply of the arterial blood. For example, there is optimal microcirculation. The result is that you feel less tired and can continue skiing or snowboarding for longer without any problems.

What makes this Ski Socks so special?

The answer is simple: customization. The Herzog Active Ski Sock has optimal operation due to the special measurement system. At Herzog we take into account that every winter sports enthusiast has unique leg contours. By comparison, a 2 meter long skier with shoe size 43 has different calf contours than a manoeuvrable snowboarder of 1.70 meters with the same shoe size. For an optimal fit, it is intended that you measure your lower leg at a number of points. Do you want to determine your ready-to-wear size? Through this table you can easily see how to do this.

No more cold feet
Always suffer from cold feet during your winter sports holiday? Logically… Because simply put, your feet are far away from your heart, so the warm blood doesn’t reach your feet quickly and easily. Especially when the muscle pumping effect of your calves in your static ski boots is significantly impeded. With the Active Ski sock you are assured of warm toes. The sock has a thicker footbed than our regular PRO Sport Compression Socks and is knitted with micro yarns that guarantee an ideal heat exchange.

Burning thighs?
Whether you are a trained or untrained skier, we all know those burning thighs. Not surprising because your thighs are constantly on tension and get little rest. Your ski boots alone require an ‘unusual load’: your feet are in a position where the heels are slightly higher than your toes. So to maintain balance, you have to bend your knees. This loads the muscles at the front of the upper leg considerably and for a long time. One person only experiences the feeling of tired or burning thighs after a descent of 3 kilometers, the other after a few hundred meters. The cause of this is a accumulation of waste in your thighs. Did you know that the Herzog Pro Compression Shorts make it easier to dispose of these wastes both during, but certainly also after skiing? Ideal if you want to be fresh on the slopes the next day!

I chose Herzog Medical to make my rehabilitation even more optimal. After breaking my leg for the second time in alpine skiing, I knew rehabilitation was tough and I could use some help. In order to be able to exercise faster, I contacted Herzog about their compression socks. Because of the tightening socks I had much less trouble with fluid accumulations and shinsplints, so I was able to start walking back faster during my rehabilitation. I am now back on my skis much faster than in my first rehabilitation. The compression tubes are also easy to wear under my ski socks and provide extra shock absorption while skiing. Herzog Medical certainly helped me with a smoother rehabilitation.

Elle Kempenears

Skier, Belgium


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