Get more out of your hike with the Herzog Active Sport Compression Socks and PRO Sport Compression Ankle Socks.
Avoid tired legs and feet. A perfect fit guaranteed by 3 measuring points!

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Ask a hiker what he sometimes suffers from and he soon mentions heavy legs. They often feel stiff and warm and sometimes the hiker suffers from heavy, swollen, glowing calves. These inconveniences stand in the way of the fun for hikers. You can of course raise your legs or find a masseur after the walking tour. By wearing the Herzog Sport Compression Socks you prevent these complaints and keep walking fun!




Recovery after exercise
During prolonged exercise, for example at the Nijmegen Vierdaagse, muscle tissue is broken down. That sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s a normal process that you recover quickly from. However, an excess of degradation is not good because muscle tissue is protein and protein binds fluid to itself. The result is that edema (fluid) develops in the lower legs. During the Vierdaagse this is very clearly visible to many hikers on the third and fourth day. An excess of fluid accumulation in the intermediate cell space automatically means that there is no longer an optimal blood flow. The transport back of the blood, including the waste from the incineration process and carbon dioxide, is therefore severely impeded.

Hiking remains fun thanks to the Herzog Sport Compression Socks

Active Compression Socks and Compression Ankle sock for walking
Especially the Active Compression Socks and the Compression Ankle sock are ideal for walking. Due to its soft footbed and moisture-wicking properties, both products are a tool to recover faster and prevent known walking injuries. For more information about these two products, please click on one of the images below.

The action of the socks The Herzog Sport Compression Sock delivers a dosed pressure that runs from the ankle to the knee. This stimulates the blood flow from the capillary network towards the heart, so that the waste from the combustion process is better disposed of. In addition, the recovery is further promoted by keeping the socks on for quite some time after the walk.
Jorien ter Mors

I introduced a number of fanatical golfers, walkers and runners to the socks without injury. By wearing the socks it was indicated that both during daily life and during exertion, the feet became much less tired and thick. The feedback I received back was that the socks feel comfortable at the foot and under the foot vault clearly give more support compared to regular socks.


Practice physiotherapy Leusden

I’ve been walking with the socks for some time now. They feel great because the tendon plate under the foot is clearly calming down. So this is certainly a meaningful addition to the current treatment of plantar fascia complaints and heel spur. Furthermore, I notice that the plantar fat capiton under the heel (fat pad under the heel bone) is nicely held together, which makes the natural shock absorption a bit better. I clearly got relief from pain when walking a little longer in my tendon plate.

Jolanda Rosien

Practice podiatry in Assen

I don’t advertise fast, but these are really great socks. Not that it’s going to make you run any faster… No, but since I’ve been wearing them, my heel spur hasn’t bothered me. Something I’ve been suffering from for over three years. My walking pleasure is back and….on balance you walk faster!!

Cor Lambregts

Former marathon champion

I tried the socks during a short hiking holiday in the Eifel. In two days I walked 35 miles with it. During and after the first day no trace of foot problems. After the second day somewhat tired feet. But the socks weren’t to blame. In fact, without the socks, I think it would have been worse. I had forced myself a bit on the walk, as an unexperienced hiker.

Huub ter Hart

Retired hiker

Go for it!