Because you catch up to three times your own body weight while jumping, injuries are likely. Many volleyball players face shin injuries, stiff Achilles tendons or calf aches and pains. Herzog PRO Sport Compression Socks are perfect for preventing or reducing these typical volleyball injuries.

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Maybe you recognize it… You’ve been having a nagging pain in your shin for a while. With these types of complaints, you have to be alert. Many volleyball players have to deal with shin inflammation: due to all the jumping, the fleece around the shins can become inflamed. Achilles tendon or calf injuries are also common in volleyball players.



Robin de Kruijf

Prevent volleyball injuries with Herzog Sport Compression Socks

Herzog PRO Sport Compression Socks ensure that your calves are kept compact. Compression reduces lateral movements of the calf muscle, reducing tensile force on the membrane around the tibia. The shock load is minimized, preventing muscle and tendon damage. In addition, Herzog socks promote blood circulation. The blood with waste is drained faster so that you recover faster after an intensive training or competition!

Top volleyball player speaks
Top athletes know better than anyone what it is like to constantly balance on the edge of maximum load. Many players from the national team wear the Herzog PRO compression socks preventively. Robin de Kruijf, center in team NL, no longer plays without Herzog socks.

“My calves were always my weak spot. From the moment I wear Herzog socks my calves no longer feel hard and tense after a training or competition where I have to jump a lot. I really couldn’t live without it anymore.”

Robin de Kruijf - Team NL, player Imoco Volley Conegliano


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