Hockey is an injury-prone sport. Muscles and tendons suffer a lot during fierce sprints, explosive flats and push movements and constant turning. Fortunately, more and more hockey players are experiencing the benefits of the PRO Compression Shorts. These compression shorts prevent hamstring and groin injuries.

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In the running world, the Herzog PRO Compression Socks and tubes are now in demand. Herzog Medical is known as the founder and market leader in the Benelux in the field of compression within the sports world. Without a doubt, you’ve seen Herzog products on the hockey field before. For example, many hockey players wear the Herzog tubes under their shin guards.




Less muscle pain. What’s the deal?
Socks that promote recovery and prevent injuries…? How does that work? The Herzog PRO Compression Socks come from the medical world and have been further developed according to the needs of athletes. Due to the relatively high pressure, the socks reduce the shock load on the calves, preventing muscle damage. For example, the socks work preventively in case of calf complaints, Achilles tendon problems and muscle stretching. In addition, the blood flow from the capillary network towards the heart is optimized. As a result, the waste materials of the combustion process are disposed of faster and as an athlete you experience less muscle pain.

Calf and Achilles tendon and tibia complaints
In the medical world, the Therapeutic Elastic Compression Socks is used for people with varicose veins or edema formation (fluid accumulation) in the legs. They benefit from wearing these socks that closely enclose the lower leg. The experiences among athletes with calf, Achilles tendon and tibia complaints or another lower leg injury also point in this direction.

With groin pants it is important for me that it feels firm and that I can still move freely. The Herzog compression shorts offer me that ideal combination that allows me to move without fear of groin or hamstring injuries.”

PieterJan Voerman - Schaerweijde

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