What do the professionals say?

Jorien ter Mors - Compression pants

World Champion Ice Skating

I have been familiar with Herzog tubes for years and use them during training sessions and competitions. The compression stockings significantly speed up my recovery. I use the Herzog compression pants especially during strength training. These pants give me just that extra bit of support.

World Cycling Champion
Team Boels-Dolmans

I use the Herzog socks during each flight to reduce moisture in my legs and recover faster from the tripl Herzog socks are a fixed item in my travel suitcase.


Prof. Dr. F.J.G. BACKX
Sports physician, UMC UTRECHT

The Herzog sports compression socks effectively contribute to the prevention of lower leg complaints, so I get feedback from many top athletes.

Jorien ter Mors - Compression pants

World – & World Games champion Korfball
Team NL & Fortuna/Delta Logistics

I wear Herzog compression socks to get the most out of my body and recover faster.

World Champion Cyclo-cross
Telenet Baloise Lions

I use the socks especially when traveling, because it is very nice to have some compression. Especially on the plane or on a long car ride, you sometimes get thick feet and you don’t have that with the Herzog socks on.

Moreover, they sit fine and comfortable, which of course is also very important if you wear them for so long.

Herzog Armsleeve Margo Degraef

Margo Degraef
Belgian table tennis champion
Belgian National Team & Eredivisie team Westa

Just before the Belgian championship in 2019 I (again) suffered from a strong tension in the muscles in my upper arm. The BC was my main goal that year and I wanted to do everything I could to be able to play. Thanks to my pharmacist, I ended up with the armsleeves of Herzog. The sleeves helped me to still be able to prepare myself and even become Belgian Champion for the first time.

Robin de Kruijf

Robin de Kruijf
Silver European & Bronze World Grand Prix Volleyball

My calves were always a weak spot of mine. From the moment I wear Herzog socks my calves no longer feel hard and tense after a workout or competition where I have to jump a lot. I couldn’t live without it.

Pieter Heemeryck
Belgian champion triathlon
Domo-Scott Triathlon team

With Herzog I recover faster and can handle more training load. Ideal in a sport like triathlon.

The quality of the products is also one of Herzog’s strengths and therefore one of the reasons why I use Herzog’s products. The socks also retain their ideal effect for a long time


Thijmen Kupers
800m Athlete

On the road to my goal to achieve the Olympic, a pair of Herzog socks are essential!

Jorien ter Mors - Compression pants

Paul Jongmans
(Sport) Physiotherapist

During my time as a physiotherapist at NAC Breda I recommended many players the PRO Compression Shorts of Herzog Medical. These trousers are worn both preventively and curatively. Within football, the incidence of groin and hamstring injuries is high. With herzog’s shorts, you as a physiotherapist have an extra means to manage these problems well.

Ingrid Paul, top sports medicine

D.W. Ingrid Paul
Arts Topsport
Top sports medicine Hospital Gelderse Vallei

Since my time as national coach of the Canadian Team during the Olympic Games in Vancouver 2010, I am familiar with pneumatic compression. We loved it! A compression device mimics the normal physiology of the body. The device uses external dynamic compression. This ensures that the moisture, which contains waste because you have made an effort, is drained more quickly through the veins and lymph vessels. This will help you recover faster after strenuous efforts. We scored superbly during the Games in 2010 and that was partly due to optimal recovery after races and tough training sessions.


Kim van Wijk MSc
(Sports) Physiotherapist, manual therapist

For me as a physiotherapist, manual therapist and sports physiotherapist i.o. it is essential to work with high-quality materials to prevent recurrence after injuries and prevention of injuries.

The Herzog compression socks appear to achieve this after 11 years of use. Besides publications that have been done in recent years and now the most recent publication in which more than 800 users were investigated, I can say that compression therapy through the socks of Herzog have a positive effect. As physiotherapists and certainly as a master of science, we are always involved in evidence-based practice and we can say that the Herzog socks are covered.