Recover with compression

Did you already know that Herzog compression socks reduce muscle fatigue and promote waste disposal? This ensures that you experience a faster recovery of your efforts. By wearing our compression socks after training and/or the day after a heavy workout, you prevent swelling in your legs and loss of performance at your next training and/or competition.

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Experience energetic legs after physical exertion or long sitting! Less sore legs and a faster recovery after a workout or from an injury. Ideal to wear immediately after exercise, thanks to the optimal wearing comfort.



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Benefits of Compression Recovery socks

Ensures faster recovery
Speed up the recovery process of injuries such as tibia irritation, calf and Achilles tendon by wearing the Herzog Compression socks By improving the drainage of blood and fluid, your recovery will be improved.

Perfect wearing comfort
The perfect fit makes the socks feel soft and comfortable. As a result, you won’t experience any discomfort from the strengthening and firm feeling that the compression gives on your legs.

Experience less muscle pain
Herzog Compression socks reduce muscle pain and muscle fatigue. This way you can start every training and/or competition fit again.

Proven effective

Recent Australian research has now shown that “reducing muscle fatigue depends heavily on the rapid removal of fluid and waste from muscle tissue.”

The researchers had two groups of runners take a maximum exercise test (to maximum exhaustion) two weeks before running a marathon. One group wore compression socks with relatively high pressure for 48 hours immediately after the marathon, both during the day and at night. The other group wore ‘placebo socks’ with very little compression.

Two weeks after the marathon, both groups again performed a maximum exercise test. The group with the placebo socks performed 3.4% worse than two weeks before the marathon, the group that did wear real compression socks did significantly better: two weeks after their marathon, the runners performed even 2.6% better than two weeks before the marathon.

Recovering on the couch with Herzog Medical