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PRO Compression Sock Black/Silver - Herzog - Running - Injuries - Recovery

PRO Sport Compression Socks

Suffering from muscle pain? Do you want to be ahead of running injuries? Herzog PRO Compression Socks, also known as Compression Socks, are effective in calf complaints, shinsplint and Achilles tendon problems. The tubes reduce the impact load, preventing muscle damage. The socks also ensure an optimal disposal of waste. This will help you recover faster and reduce cramping and stiff calves.

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Herzog Medical PRO compression tubes - Black

PRO Sport Compression Tubes

Like the socks, the Herzog PRO tubes are effective for calf complaints, shinsplint and Achilles tendon problems. The tubes reduce the impact load, preventing muscle damage. In addition, the tubes ensure an optimal disposal of waste. Because there is no compression on the foot, it is best to take off the tubes after your cooling down. Do you want Everything out of your sporting performance? The tubes in combination with Herzog’s ankle socks are effective in preventing injuries.

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PRO Compression Ankle Sock Black

PRO Compression Ankle Socks

The ankle sock offers a firm compression on the foot vault and around the heel-instep line. Under the foot runs the tendon blade that connects the heel bone to the ball of the forefoot. This extra compression is important to maintain the natural curvature of the sole of the foot and to relieve the tendon plate slightly, which will reduce the sagging of the arch. Stretched ligaments and slacker muscles are now supported correctively. This makes an important contribution to preventing irritation of the tendon plate and keeps the arch on tension.

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Active Compression Stockings - Black

Active Sport Compression Socks

Ask a hiker what he sometimes suffers from and he soon mentions heavy legs. They often feel stiff and warm and there are swollen ankles and legs. These inconveniences stand in the way of the fun for hikers. The Active socks provide a dosed pressure that runs from the ankle to the knee. As a result, waste materials are disposed of faster and you suffer less from stiff muscles, fluid build-up, thick ankles, calf cramps and tired legs.

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Herzog Medical PRO Sport Compression Shorts - Black

PRO Sport Compression Shorts

Unfortunately, for many athletes, groin and hamstring injuries are no strangers. The unique Herzog PRO sports compression shorts help prevent groin and thigh injuries thanks to the perfect fit and medical compression. This perfect fit and medical compression are due to the three measuring points, so the pants are tailored to the athlete’s individual leg contour.

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Herzog Medical PRO Sport Compression Shorts - Black

PRO Sport Compression Armsleeves

For athletes who experience (extreme) shock and shaking forces during competition or training, the Sport Compression Armsleeves from Herzog Medical are ideal. They have a beneficial effect because the forces released on the arm and elbow are very adequately absorbed by the sleeves. This applies to static and dynamic arm loads.

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Knee Support - Herzog Medical

Thigh Support

This stocking was developed for the treatment and prevention of injuries to hamstrings and quadriceps that often arise during explosive actions. The thigh stocking supports the femur as a tight bandage, which causes small muscle cracks to recover faster and prevent worse. And even in endurance effort, the thigh stockings prove to be very effective. The shock load, while walking, on the heavy thigh musculature is effectively counteracted, which will reduce muscle damage. And where there is less damage, less needs to be repaired. The anatomical knitting method ensures an optimal fit, so that the wearing comfort is always optimal even in hot conditions.

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Compry Recovery

Compry Recovery

The Compry Recovery is perfect to take with you on the road. The different compression chambers give the right amount of compression on each part of your legs. Combine this with the different compression strengths to choose from and types of programs; you won’t go anywhere without the Compry Recovery.

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Knee Support - Herzog Medical

Massage Gun

Fanatical athletes often struggle with stiff calves, muscle knots or fatigue. The Herzog PRO Recovery Gun is ideal for massaging muscles and promoting recovery. The gun is applicable to different muscle groups and stimulates blood circulation so that waste products are removed faster after exercise. By means of vibrations, the blood supply to a specific area is increased, which reduces muscle tension. The fast vibrations and the choice of 6 different attachment heads ensure that the Herzog PRO Recovery Gun penetrates deep and effectively into your muscles. Due to the compact size and the handy handle, you can also easily reach difficult places such as back and shoulders.

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