Do you suffer from shin splints?

Do you regularly suffer from shin complaints during exercise? Herzog PRO Sport Compressionsocks are ideal for the treatment of shin splints.
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Have you just picked up your training rhythm but are experiencing shin pain more and more often while running? A shin splint injury (also called ‘jumping shins’ or ‘Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome’) can get in the way of your sports fun. What can you do yourself against a shin inflammation?

Herzog Compressionsocks shin splints prevent

Causes Shin Splint

Probably the pain you are dealing with is characterized by a stabbing pain in the lower part of your shin. The pain location is often the place where the muscles attach to the bone.

Shin complaints are especially common in athletes who regularly run and jump. For example, the tibia is heavily loaded during sports forms such as volleyball, handball, running and walking.

There are a number of factors that increase the likelihood of shin splint:

  • Overload due to repetitive movements and (too) long and intense sports
  • A non-efficient running technique
  • Weak calf muscles that cannot cope with the sports load
  • Overweight
  • Poor footwear

Compressionsocks to prevent shin splint

Can you walk through with shin splints? With a good build-up of your training and muscle strengthening exercises for the calf muscles, you can get a grip on the recovery from your injury. Wearing Herzog PRO Sport Compressionsocks can also significantly speed up the recovery from your injury. Herzog socks deliver a high compression which limits the mobility of the relatively heavy calf muscle. As a result, less shock load takes place and there is less pulling force on the periosteum of the tibia (the attachment of muscles to the bone).

Thanks to Herzog’s innovative measuring system , our sportsocks are specifically tailored to your leg contours and you are therefore always assured of an optimal compression effect.

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of the herzog users experiences fewer injuries

Herzog is evidence based

The research of E.G. Willems and M.H. Moen (2010) in various hospitals in the west of the Netherlands has shown that Herzog PRO compressionsocks have a positive effect on the recovery and prevention of shin splints. This research shows that athletes with shin splints recover 11% faster when a Herzog Medical sports compression sleeve is added to the rehabilitation process.

The large-scale research by Franke and Backx (2021) into the experienced effect of Herzog PRO Sport Compressionsocks that Herzog Medical compressionsocks are an important tool in the rehabilitation of shin splints. This research shows that 47.5% of Herzog users wear socks to prevent injuries from recurring. Of these athletes, 90% confirm with Herzog socks not having to deal with recurrent injuries.

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