Herzog Compression Socks – Proven Effective

In close consultation with knitters, sports doctors, physiotherapists and scientists, Herzog Medical has developed its products. The compression technology of our socks means that they contribute positively to your sports performance in various areas. This way you suffer less from stiff calves, you speed up the recovery from Achilles tendon and shin injury and you experience less muscle pain. Are these statements really correct? What do runners experience? A large-scale study of the effect of Herzog PRO Sport Compression Socks confirms what Herzog Medical has been promoting for over 20 years. No less than 84% of all Herzog users say they experience fewer injuries.

Herzog Medical is a pioneer and market leader in the field of compression within the sport. Her products have been used and recommended by top athletes, sports federations, physiotherapists and sports doctors since 2001. Following a large-scale study of more than 800 Herzog users, the University Medical Center Utrecht, cluster sports medicine, has set up a scientific study on the backgrounds of the functioning of the Herzog PRO Sport Compression Socks. These research results will also be published in the foreseeable future. Below you will find some striking results from the Herzog user survey

Research into Herzog Sport PRO Compression Socks


of the herzog users experiences fewer injuries
Research into Herzog Sport PRO Compression Socks

What makes Herzog’s compression stocks so unique?

Herzog Medical stands for customization. After all: every athlete has a different body shape. For optimal compression, it is very important that compression socks have a fit that is individually tailored to an athlete’s leg size. After all, a marathon runner with shoe size 42 has completely different leg contours than a muscular sprinter with the same shoe size. Herzog Medical knows better than anyone that every athlete is unique and therefore has a unique measuring system in which your legs are measured at 6 points. With an assortment that consists of no less than 54 ready-to-wear sizes, you are always assured of the perfect fit. Do you want to get everything out of your achievements? Then go to one of our points of sale and get measured expertly!