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Herzog Medical is an international player in the field of therapeutic elastic socks within the sports world. The success of the company stems from years of medical experience and a continuous dialogue with knitting engineers, doctors, physiotherapists and (top) athletes. Our range consists of professional solutions for numerous sports-related injuries. In addition to our tangible products, we are happy to provide athletes and (para)medics with information about the importance of compression, injury prevention and recovery.

“Herzog Medical’s team supports athletes to the maximum in terms of compression and recovery. Our compression specialists, knitting engineers, field service, customer service and marketing specialists all pursue the same mission: we ensure that both the recreational athlete and the top athlete get the most out of his or her sports performance.”




Harald Herzog, founder and the man behind the success of the sports compression socks
Harald Herzog was a road runner and cross-country skier in the late 1970s and early 1980s. With 2.27 hours in the marathon distance, he was able to get along well with the national sub-athletics summit. The switch to cross-country skiing eventually brought him greater successes. He spent his winters in Scandinavia training, participated in numerous European cross-country skiing competitions and became Dutch champion in 1979 and 1980. Unfortunately, a persistent injury to his calf and Achilles tendon marked the end of his sports career. After finishing his active top sports period, he started his social career at a large medical company and learned a lot about compression therapy there. This is the therapy that is particularly used in the medical world in patients with all kinds of vascular problems.


Compression for injury prevention
Harald Herzog discovered in the early 1990s that compression also made sense for him to counteract the injuries he used to experience as an elite athlete. After a long period of research, study and testing, Harald developed Sport Compression Socks in 2000. Harald was hugely motivated and helped fellow athletes who were struggling with injuries he had struggled with in the past. Because of his own socks, he was able to train injury-free and carefree, now as a recreational runner. Harald
became increasingly proficient through self-study in the field of compression therapy, became a certified bandagist and built an extensive network within the medical world in top sport.

In 2008 he started his own company and again invested a lot in acquiring knowledge through study and research. At present, it can be argued that the current knowledge of compression in relation to sport can be largely written on Herzog’s conto.


Jorien ter Mors

‘From my own sporting history I know how frustrating it is when you’re sidelined by lower leg injuries. Compression therapy proved to be the outcome for me as an athlete. I am therefore happy to be supporting athletes who suffer from such aches and pains every day. Both recreational athletes, top athletes and national sports selections use our products to make the most of their sports performance.”

Harald Herzog

Founder and director Herzog Medical

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