Thigh Support Skin


The Thigh Support is developed for the treatment and prevention of injuries to hamstrings and quadriceps that often arise during explosive actions.


Bij het invullen van de maatapp is het belangrijk om eerst thigh aan te geven, vervolgens alle velden in te vullen en op bereken te klikken.

The thigh stocking supports the femur as a tight bandage, which causes small muscle cracks to recover faster and prevent worse. And even in endurance effort, the thigh stockings prove to be very effective. During walking, the shock load of the heavy upper leg musculature is effectively counteracted, reducing muscle damage. And where there is less damage, less needs to be repaired. The anatomical knitting method ensures an optimal fit, so that the wearing comfort is always optimal even in hot conditions.

  • Less muscle tissue damage
  • Less scar tissue
  • Less muscle cramping and muscle tear

Thigh Support can be used in a faster recovery, injury prevention and as support for training building.


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