PRO Sport Compression Shorts Red


Herzog PRO Sport Compression Shorts can be used in treatment, and preventively, for various injuries to the upper leg and groin.


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Hamstring and groin injuries arise from fierce starting, sprinting, abrupt braking, quick averting and turning. In football and hockey, groin injuries are even in the top 3 of the most common injuries.

With the Sport Compression Shorts from Herzog Medical there is finally a solution! With dosed compression, many of these injuries can be prevented and recovery can be accelerated. Thanks to three measurement points, these compression pants are precisely tailored to the athlete's leg contour.

  • Effective with hamstring and groin injuries
  • Relatively high compression
  • Optimal support
  • Knitted with high-quality microfibers
  • Rapid disposal of waste

Herzog PRO Sport Compression Shorts are available in multiple colours and therefore always fit, under the trousers of, your outfit.

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