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Herzog PRO Sport Compression Tubes
Like the socks, the Herzog PRO tubes are effective for calf complaints, shinsplint and Achilles tendon problems. The tubes reduce the impact load, preventing muscle damage. In addition, the tubes ensure an optimal disposal of waste. Because there is no compression on the foot, it is best to take off the tubes after your cooling down. Want to get the most out of your sports performance? The tubes in combination with Herzog’s ankle socks are effective in preventing injuries.


When filling in the size app, it is important to first indicate tube, then fill in all the fields and click on calculate.

The PRO Compression Tubes deliver relatively high pressure with a decreasing pressure from ankle to knee. This ensures that the blood flow from the capillary network towards the heart is optimized. As a result, the metabolic waste will be eliminated faster.

It is recommended to wear the tubes only when you are exercising. This is important, because there will be no compression on the foot while you are resting. This means that the compression on your lower leg can cause fluid accumulation in the foot

For optimal support, it is important that the socks and tubes fit perfectly. That's why it's important to measure your legs at multiple points.

Combination of tubes and ankle socks
Due to the compressing effect of the socks, moisture accumulation (with metabolic waste) is moved from the foot through the tube and further up. This combination makes it possible to keep the tubes on after your workout because compression is applied to the entire lower leg.
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Medically proven!
Our products are developed from scientific research. We are in constant dialogue with sports doctors and medics. Drs. W.O. Zimmermann (sports doctor) has carried out research into the effects of the Herzog socks in which he found that the socks make a significant contribution in the healing of lower leg complaints. UMCU has also carried out a large-scale user study in which the positive effects of the socks emerge.
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