Faster Recovery Shinsplints


Shin splints is one of the most common conditions of the lower leg in athletes. This injury is known to be difficult to treat. Also, few studies have been done in the past on how to treat shin splints. Therefore, a study was launched in athletes and runners to get more clarity about the best treatment of shin splints.


Through various hospitals in the west of the Netherlands, 22 athletes and runners (ages 16-53, men and women) were recruited to participate in the treatment study. They had to meet the criteria that apply to shin splints; exercise-related pain on the inside of the lower leg and also pressure pain on the shin over a trajectory of more than 5 centimeters.
Subsequently, the athletes were drawn into one of the two treatments by drawing an envelope stating which treatment they received. Before the treatment was; one group of athletes and runners was given a rehabilitation schedule with running to get rid of the complaints (recently it became clear that in case of overloaded loading is actually good!), while the other group received a Herzog Medical compression stocking in addition to the rehabilitation schedule with running. This stocking had to be worn during the sports load. The athletes were seen by the researcher every two weeks to measure the progression and adjust the running schedule.
In the end, it was about which form of treatment the athletes had recovered the fastest.


The athletes who wore the Herzog Medical compression stocking in addition to the rehabilitation schedule had recovered from their complaints 11% faster. Also, the athletes who also wore the compression stocking were more satisfied with the treatment than those who did not have a stocking.


Shin splints are generally difficult to treat and are common in runners and sports where many jump forms occur. There are numbers of physical education courses where 35% of athletes had shin splints. Yet only three treatment studies have been done. These studies show that no form of treatment has been shown to be better than resting. This study shows that in addition to a rehabilitative running schedule, a Herzog Medical sports compression stocking accelerates recovery. The reason for the faster recovery is not exactly clear, but it can be thought that the compression of the stocking on the tissue ensures tissue repair. Further research could be done on this.


This research shows that athletes with shin splints recover 11% faster when a Herzog Medical sports compressionous is added to the rehabilitation. The exact results will soon be published in the scientific journal Sport and Medicine.

E.G. Willems and M.H. Moen (Sports Medicine)

7 April 2010