Ice skating

More and more ice skaters are using the Herzog PRO Compression Socks to boost their recovery and performance.
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The introduction of Herzog’s socks took place within the athletics world. And now, Herzog PRO Sport Compression Socks are used in numerous sports branches. Many top ice skaters also use Herzog socks to get the most out of their performance. Long track speed skater Jorien ter Mors (Olympic champion 2018) and the entire top of Team Reggeborgh use the compression socks to boost their recovery and performance.



Jorien ter Mors

Way of functioning
An important feature of the sock is supporting the calf muscle pump. During the combustion process of sugars and oxygen in the muscle cell, energy is released but also water with the waste dissolved in it. Herzog compression socks increase the pressure on the tissue and ensure that these waste products are removed from the muscles as soon as possible. The result is delaying acidification and promoting recovery. After an intensive training or competition, a faster recovery takes place.

“It’s a kind of legal doping,” said a smiling Harald Herzog. Harald is the founder of compression socks in the sports world. Harald himself was a professional athlete (cross-country ski) in the late 1970s and marketed the socks in the late 1990s. “The secret of our socks is the combination of high compression and stiffness and a decreasing pressure gradient from bottom to top, towards the heart”.

”Unfortunately, I can’t just link my product to top skaters. but those who pay close attention may see a black edge of our Herzog sock squeak out under the skating suit of some elite skaters”.

Harald Herzog - Founder and Director Herzog Medical

Herzog compression socks give my recovery a boost! I especially use the compression shortss during strength training. These shorts give me just that extra bit of support.”

Jorien ter Mors - Three-time Olympic champion


We are extremely proud that as a partner we can contribute to the performance and recovery of the following teams and athletes

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