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Do you often suffer from heavy legs or tired feet during or after work? With Herzog PRO Sport Compressionsocks you go to work every day with fresh legs.

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Long days, during which you have to constantly stand and walk, demand a lot from the body. You probably recognize it… at the end of your workday, you’ll have tired legs, burning feet, or you may even be retaining some moisture around your ankles. With Herzog PRO Sport Compressionsocks you prevent these discomforts.



Heavy legs are a sign that the backflow of the venous blood to the heart is not optimal. Both with intensive sports practice and with prolonged standing, an excess of fluid can occur in the intermediate cell space. Top athletes such as Mathieu van der Poel, Annemiek van Vleuten and Jorien ter Mors consciously choose Herzog compressionsocks to promote their blood circulation.

Why do I, as a healthcare provider, benefit from Herzog PRO Sport Compressionsocks?

The overall goal in TEK (Therapeutic Elastic sockand) is to promote venous and lymphatic backflow from the legs back to the heart. During prolonged standing there is no calf muscle pumping action and the discharge of the venous blood with the waste products of the combustion process dissolved in it is far from optimal. Herzog socks stimulate blood circulation. In addition to combating tired legs, they can also be used perfectly in the prevention of varicose veins.

In addition, the socks should have a pressure profile of about 30 mmHg on the ankle to plus minus 23 mmHg below the knee. After all, the hydrostatic pressure at single level is already more than 100mmHg. So something has to be done in the opposite direction. A well-intentioned drugstore stocking or a slightly antithrombose stocking is really insufficient for that purpose.

Why do I specifically choose Herzog PRO Sport Compressionsocks?

What makes Herzog socks unique? For an optimal compression effect, it is very important that compressionsocks are tailored to your individual leg sizes! After all: everyone has different calf contours. Herzog Medical therefore has a unique size system and a range that consists of no less than 54 ready-to-wear sizes.

Herzog sports compressionsocks effectively contribute to the prevention of lower leg complaints, so I get back linked from patients and athletes.
Prof. Dr. F.J.G. Backx. Sports physician - Sports Medicine, UMC Utrecht

Herzog supports Dutch healthcare

Working in healthcare is top sport. Especially in these hectic Corona times. Herzog sat down with Diederik Gommers at the beginning of January 2021 to see how we can support the ICUs in the Netherlands as much as possible. Curious about what we will do for our healthcare leaders? Check out our blog!

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