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Compry Recovery offers you a better and faster recovery after workouts. With Compry Recovery you always have your own masseur at hand.

Up to 1.75m long you need the size medium, from 1.75m you need the size large.

You can also rent the Compry Recovery. Get in touch for more information.

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The recovery of muscle fatigue depends heavily on the disposal of fluid and waste. Active recovery is better to recover from fatigue, than passive recovery. Pneumatic compression, such as which Compry Recovery delivers, is an excellent form of active recovery.

How does it work?
The system consists of two spacious legs, each of which consists of four air chambers. These segments are computer-controlled, pneumatically inflated from distal to proximal, i.e. from afar from the heart towards the heart. Just as the sports masseur also starts from the ankle and then works upwards. The pulsating pressure build-up from the foot through the calf to the femur is adjustable in three programs and at four different compression levels. The most firm pressure is similar to the effect of a deep massage by the masseur.

With Compry Recovery you always have that masseur on hand: at home, on the road or on the sports field. The device is lightweight and therefore easy to take anywhere.

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