PRO Compression Tubes – Bundle


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  • PRO Compressiontubes

  • PRO Compressiontubes

  • PRO Compressiontubes

  • PRO Compressiontubes

  • PRO Compressiontubes

  • PRO Compressiontubes

  • PRO Compressiontubes

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Material and washing instructions

✔ Knitted with high-quality microfibres
✔ Flat seams
✔ Colourfast through the use of coloured yarn
✔ 72% polyamide, 26% elastane, 2% polyester
✔ Wash at max 40ºC, without fabric softener
✔ Not suitable for the dryer

Ideal for these sports

The Herzog PRO Compression tubes are suitable for all kinds of sports. Think of running, football, korfball, tennis, ice skating, skiing, basketball, volleyball, hockey, trail running, triathlon, cycling, athletics, gymnastics and hiking.

Herzog Medical Pro Socks

Unique size system

For optimal compression, it is very important that your tubes have a perfect fit. After all, a slender marathon runner with shoe size 39 has completely different contours than a muscular sprinter with the same shoe size. Herzog Medical therefore has a unique size system and a range that consists of no less than 17 ready-to-wear sizes.


The Herzog PRO Sport Compression tubes have a beneficial effect before, during and after sports practice in three ways: Injury prevention, can be used in injury treatment and recovery & performance-enhancing.

Compression details

• Pressure class 2
• 23-32 mmHG compression
• Compression tubes with decreasing pressure gradient from ankle to knee

”The Herzog sports compression socks effectively contribute to the prevention of lower leg complaints, I get as feedback from many top athletes.”

Prof. dr. F.J.G. Backx. sport physician