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Maybe you recognize it… You climb out of bed in the morning and your body feels tired and heavy. You simply haven’t recovered well from your training or competition. Triathlon is a sport that requires a lot of time, discipline and training hours. Often several training sessions are completed per day. It is therefore very important that triathletes recover well and quickly from one training to be able to complete the next training without any problems. Curious how Compry Recovery and other Herzog products can boost your performance and recovery capacity?




Limiting muscle damage
A whole or half triathlon is an attack on the body and the recovery takes a relatively long time. Did you know that depending on your effort, the body takes up to 48 to 72 hours to repair damaged muscle cells? When you use Herzog PRO socks during your competition or training, you can significantly reduce muscle damage. Herzog compression socks ensure that your calves are kept so compact that there are fewer tensile forces on your calf muscles.

The ‘triathlon tube’
Of course, within the triathlon world, the Herzog PRO tube, the footless variant, is mainly used. The tubes are worn under the wetsuit during swimming and afterwards during cycling and walking activity.

Better recovery is better performance
In addition, you can speed up your recovery process by keeping the Herzog PRO socks on for quite some time after your exercise. Herzog socks promote blood circulation, which makes waste from the combustion process more quickly disposed of

A quick change with PRO tubes and ankle socks
Jokingly, the two triathlon transitions are also called “the fourth part”. Don’t you want to waste unnecessary time during your transitions? The Herzog tubes are ideal for triathletes. Because these are footless, they can be worn throughout the competition. This saves time when changing parts. For running, you can choose to combine the tube with our compression ankle sock,in order to perform as optimally as possible.

The Dutch Triathlon Association
Guido Vroemen, the federation doctor of the Dutch Triathlon Association, recommends both the duathlon and triathlon selection the Herzog PRO compression socks. Vroemen especially praises the recovery-promoting aspect of the socks.

Jorien ter Mors
Gianni Vermeersch Compry Recovery

Your personal masseur
Do you really want to get the most out of your triathlon performance? Do you always want your personal masseur at hand? Compry Recovery is a very useful recovery tool for triathletes who want to recover optimally after training or inbetween workouts. The system is also ideal if you want to recover faster after an injury.

“At training I notice a lot of advantage during heavier and longer workouts. When using the PRO tubes, my recovery is much smoother, so I can start the next training faster with fresh legs. I use the PRO socks especially when I have to travel or have a long day on the track. The Herzog products are therefore a great added value for me that I can rely on every time!”

Pieter Heemeryck - DOMO-Scott triathlon team

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