Comfortable travel with compression socks

Arrive at your destination fit! The smart traveler wears compression socks. This prevents swollen feet and traveler’s thrombosis during your trip. After a long flight, 60% of travellers with compression socks experience less pain and swollen feet.

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Whether it’s a short flight or a long car journey. The moment you travel you will have to sit still for a long period of time. You move less than usual and your body will react to this. The blood flow comes to a standstill and your feet can feel cold and maybe swell. Fortunately, the Herzog Compression Socks help to make your trip a lot more enjoyable.



Benefits of Herzog Compression Socks While Traveling

No more swollen feet
Herzog Compression socks ensure optimal blood circulation and maximum oxygen capacity to the muscles in your legs. This helps prevent swelling of your feet.

Prevent traveler’s thrombosis
The Compression Socks work preventively against traveler’s thrombosis. The risk of traveler’s thrombosis on long flights is 18.75 times lower when you wear compression socks. But even during short flights, a pair of compression socks can make all the difference.

Warmer feet
During a flight or train/bus/car journey it can get quite cold due to the air conditioning. If it turns out that your blood flow is not optimal due to sitting still for a long time, your feet can become even colder. Compression socks ensure that your circulation remains stimulated and your feet are fed enough oxygen to warm themselves up.

Why are compression socks ideal for travelers?

Herzog Compression socks stimulate blood circulation. If you have to sit for a long time in a row, think of a flight, but also car or train ride, you can get swollen feet and ankles. This allows you to get a tired feeling in your legs, so you may want to lie down/sit down for a few hours when you arrive at your destination. In the worst case, sitting still for a long time can even cause traveller’s thrombosis.

The compression in the Herzog Compression Socks stimulates the circulation in your legs. This ensures that your legs and feet continue to receive the necessary oxygen and your legs will feel less heavy on arrival. The chance of traveller’s thrombosis decreases by wearing Herzog Compression Socks.

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Active Compression Sock Black – €44,95

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