Trail running

Get more out of your run with the Herzog PRO Sport Compression Socks and Tubes.
Avoid tired legs and recover significantly faster after a trail run. A perfect fit guaranteed by 6 measuring points!

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Trail running is an emerging variant within running where the route often goes through unspoilt nature. This form of running is extra heavy on the legmuscles because every type of soil condition can in principle occur, from beautiful hiking and forest trails to single tracks with a stony surface. Often significant climbs with a lot of altititude and height differences have to be overcome. In order to reduce the risk of calf complaints and shinsplints and to promote recovery, more and more Compression socks and tubes are worn.



Herzog Medical Trailrunning Barbara Kerkhof

Trailrunning also involves more altimeters. It is therefore not uncommon to keep the compressionsock on after your run. This changes the sock from training to recovery sock. Waste is disposed of faster, so that the legs recover faster.

Herzog Sport Compression Socks
By wearing Herzog Sport Compression Socks during trail running, you support and stimulate your calf muscles. The special pressure gradient of the socks ensures that the shock load on the lower leg is absorbed more efficiently. This results in less muscle damage and you experience less muscle pain. You also reduce tensile forces on your Achilles tendons and your tibia membrane.

Faster recovery
Catching your breath on the couch after a big workout? Keep your Herzog socks on and take advantage of the recovery-enhancing properties of the sock. By wearing the socks in rest, you stimulate your blood circulation so that waste materials are removed from the combustion process faster. The result? You recover faster and are better equipped for your next run.

Many top athletes and recreational sporters no longer want to workout without
We realize that every athlete is different. Therefore we strive for the ‘perfect fit’. Due to our advanced measurement system, the compression is precisely tailored to your legs! Marianne Vos, Jorien ter Mors and all Team DSM riders swear by Herzog. You too can get even more out of your sports performance with Herzog compression technology!

Herzog Medical Trailrunning Close up Barbara Kerkhof

‘My name is Hans Dickhout, I started running 40 years ago. Time flies! For me, running in the mountains is the coming together of two worlds: the love of mountaineering combined with my passion for endurance sports. I’ve been using Herzog’s socks for about four years now.
I suffer from varicose veins and I regularly get cramps while running.’

Hans Dickhout

Trail runner

When trailing, I always put them on because they absorb the shock load. For me, the sock model (with foot) works best. I also wear them after the run to promote blood flow, which makes me recover faster. Important to know: The tubes, without a foot, you have to take off after your training or competition. The full socks, with foot, you can keep on. They also contribute after the workout to help speed up the recovery.

Hans Dickhout

Trail runner


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