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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]TERMS AND CONDITIONS WEBSHOP HERZOG MEDICAL B.V.

1 General
1.1 The terms and conditions are applied to all agreements concerning online orders between Herzog Medical B.V. and the customer.
1.2 The website of Herzog Medical B.V. is regularly changed or supplemented. Herzog Medical keeps the right to make possible changes with immediate effect and without providing any notification.
1.3 By placing an order every customer declares, without restriction, to agree with the terms and conditions of transport.

2 Identity of the entrepreneur
Herzog Medical B.V.
Parallelweg 2
3931 MT Woudenberg
Tel: +31(0)33 286 6030
Fax: +31(0)33 286 2255
KvK-number: 57883408
BTW-number: NL852778090B01
IBAN number: NL53INGB0004590076

3 Offers and promotions
3.1 All prices are in Euros and include VAT. Delivery costs are not included in the named prices
3.2 The product descriptions include a complete and precise description of the offered products. The description is detailed enough to make a good review possible. When the entrepreneur makes use of the images, these will be used as much as possible in a truthful appearance.
3.3 Herzog Medical B.V. is not responsible for the effects of set-, type- and/or programming- or program mistakes on her website. No rights can be held to unrightfully pricing information.
3.4 The limited validity and conditions of  special offerings, deviating from the usual assortment, will be stated explicitly.
3.5 Promotions of Herzog Medical B.V. do not automatically also count for after deliveries.
3.6 Herzog Medical B.V. cannot be held to their promotion when the purchaser should have understood that the promotion included an obvious or mistake or clerical error.
3.7 Extras, changes, and/or mouth to mouth deals are only accepted when agreed in writing.

4 The agreement
4.1 The agreement between Herzog Medical B.V. and the customer starts after an order is checked by Herzog Medical B.V. on attainability.
4.2. After the customer has confirmed the offering through the electronic way. Herzog Medical B.V. confirms immediately through the electronic way the receiving of the acceptance of the offering.
4.3 Herzog Medical B.V. has fitting technical and organisational measures to protect the electronic shipment of data and makes sure of a save online environment.
4.4 Herzog Medical B.V. can –within the legal frameworks- check whether or not the customer can suffice in his or her payment obligation, as in compliance with all the facts and factors that are important for responsibly making a deal online. When Herzog Medical B.V. has good reasons not to make a deal based on this research, she has the right to decline an order or request or to attach special terms and conditions to the completion
4.5. Herzog Medical B.V. will provide the following information with the product to the consumer, in writing or in such way that these can be saved by the consumer in a sustainable data storage device:
a) Address- and contact information where the customer can send in complaints.
b) The terms and conditions under which and the way the customer can make use of the right of withdrawal, or a clear notification of being excluded from the right of withdrawal.
c) The guarantee information.

5 Payment
5.1 Payment takes place through the payment systems that are offered on the website.
5.2 Payment of the order always completely takes place before the sending. The order will only be send after the complete payment has been fulfilled.

6 Delivery costs
6.1 The delivery costs depend on the destination of the order and are clearly shown on the webshop.
6.2 No delivery costs will be calculated for orders above € 100,00.

7 Delivery
7.1 Herzog Medical B.V. sources the home delivery of orders out to approved delivery companies and makes sure the customer can track the status of the order.
7.2 Herzog Medical B.V. strives to sending orders within 1 working day after receiving the payment.
7.3 Herzog Medical B.V. has a rightful delivery term of 30 days. When the customer has not received the order within this time, they can dissolve the order without costs.
7.4 Herzog Medical B.V. strives to deliver all products out of stock. Yet it can occur that a product temporarily is out of stock. In this case the customer will be notified as soon as possible and has the right to dissolve the order without costs. In this case Herzog Medical B.V. takes care of the payback of the order payment.
7.5 Herzog Medical B.V. is not responsible for possible damage that the customer may suffer because the order has been delivered on a by the customer provided incorrect address.
7.6 The risk of damage and/or missing of the products lies with Herzog Medical B.V. till the moment of delivery to the consumer or a beforehand appointed and to the entrepreneur made clear representative, unless clearly stated otherwise.

8 Dissolving/changing orders
8.1 It is possible to dissolve an order, when this is done before 13.00 on the day when the order has been made and in case the order has not yet been send. You can provide this dissolve either through call or through e-mail.
8.2 It is possible to change the order or add possible extra products to the order when this is done before 13:00 and in case the order has not yet been send. You can send in this adaption either through call or through e-mail.

9 Switching and returning
9.1 After delivering of the order, the customer can exchange or return the products for 14 days. After this period the sale cannot be dissolved.
9.2 During the consideration time the customer will tread the products and the package with care. He shall only unpack the product as much as is necessary to judge whether he would like to keep the product.
9.3 To make use of his right of withdrawal, the customer will make use of the by the business given reasonable and clear instructions which is send with the delivery or could be found on the webshop.
9.4 For returning and/or exchanging a product, the following terms and conditions are applied:
a) Does the customer wish to withdraw the products or has a defect been detected? Please first notify the customer service ( before sending anything back.
b) The products still have to be in the original condition, this means unworn, send back in the original package. 
c) You take the costs for return shipment. Incomplete or unstamped return shipments cannot be taken in, regardless of the reason of the return shipment.

10 Costs in case of exchange and return shipments
10.1 The postage costs and the transport risk are for the customer.
10.2 When exchanging a product, Herzog Medical B.V. once takes the delivery costs for resending a product.
10.3 When withdrawing one or more products, Herzog Medical B.V. will transfer the for the customer to receive money (delivery costs excluded) after the concerned products have been received. This money will be transfered to the customer within 30 days.

Herzog Medical B.V.
Parallelweg 2
3931 MT Woudenberg

11 Guarantee and  complaints regulations
11.1 Herzog Medical B.V. guarantees that the delivered products qualify to the requirements of use, reliance and lifespan as been stated by the parties in the purchase agreement in fairness, and in this way stands for guarantee of the to you delivered product.
11.2 The purchaser is obligated to immediately check the delivered products after receiving them. When the delivered sending is wrong or incomplete, the receiver immediately has to (before moving on to sending back  to Herzog Medical B.V.) report these shortcomings in writing through e-mail to Possible wrong delivered products should be reported within 1 week in writing to Herzog Medical B.V. Return sending of the products has to be done in original packaging ( including related documents) and has to be in new condition [See article 8 exchanging & returning]
11.3 Using after finding a shortcoming or damage resulted after finding of shortcoming and/or reselling after finding of shortcoming, makes the right to recite completely expire.
11.4 As proof of warranty the customer receives a receipt.
11.5 Herzog Medical B.V. has a sufficiently notified complaint regulation and treats the complaint according to this complaint regulation:
a) It is important that the customer contacts Herzog Medical B.V. in case of a defect or guarantee to a bought product by sending an e-mail
b) The order number, a detailed description of the defect and possibly one or more pictures of the defect should be included in this e-mail.
c) After receiving the e-mail the request will be taken in process and within 14 days feedback will be provided.
11.9 When the complaint of the customer actually falls under the responsibility of Herzog Medical B.V., the compensation payment always will always be the billing amount at most.
11.10 In case of replacement, the by the customer send back article automatically becomes property of Herzog Medical B.V.
11.11 The named guarantee does not count when the defect has been caused by:
a) Careless, improper or incompetent use.
b) When the delivered products are treated in conflict with the instructions of  Herzog Medical B.V. and/or the instruction manual on the package.
c) When the washing instructions have not been followed up.
d) When the purchaser has tried to edit the product/when the product is edited by third parties.
e) When the delivered goods have been exposed to unusual circumstances or have been treated improperly in a different way.

12 Privacy
Your personal information will be documented in the customer base of Herzog Medical B.V.
We use your personal information for executing the agreement, conducting a responsible customer management, risk management and for marketing purposes. We do not provide information to third parties that affect your personal privacy concerns.  When you wish to not receive commercial promotions from us, you can confirm this by e-mail.

13 Copyright text and visual footage
It is not allowed, without written permission, to copy, save, publicise, duplicate or use in any other way text and/or visual footage. In case of violation a legal process will be followed.

For questions, complaints and comments you can contact:

Herzog Medical B.V.
Parallelweg 2
3931 MT Woudenberg
Tel: +31(0)33 286 6030
KvK: 57883408
BTW-number: NL852778090B01
IBAN number: NL53INGB0004590076
The swift address (also named BIC code) is INGBNL2A

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