Both recreational and competitive tennis players benefit from the Herzog Medical Compression Socks. The Compression Socks reduce the risk of injury.

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Do you recognize this? A drop shot in the middle of the rally. An explosive sprint to the net and a pain shoot in your calf. Or this one: It’s already later in the evening and a bit chilly. You don’t have much time, so you decide to skip your warm up. The first service seems just within your reach, a short sprint and… All of a sudden you feel something in your calf. You’re bummed out, because there goes your season. You’ll be out for at least 3 weeks.



Lower leg injuries are more common than elbow, shoulder or wrist. A strained/pulled muscle in your calf and the inflammation of the membrane around the tibia (shin splint) are persistent and repetitive.
In many cases the cause is an incomplete or skipped warm-up, but there are also other causes. The shock load caused by fast turning, intense starts and abrupt braking loads the lower legs enormously, even with a good warm-up. Depending on the size of the calf or tibia injury, you will soon be sidelined for three weeks or more. If you want to play tennis, you reduce the risk of injury with Herzog Sport Compression Socks.

I wear the compression socks during every training and competition. Without the socks I have shin splint complaints quite quickly and my calves turn hard and painful. The load capacity goes up, and physically I can handle a lot more now. I also wear the Herzog socks during long car journeys and on the plane. The socks are really valuable to me.

Nick van der Meer

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