Pain in the legs and Herzog Sport Compression socks

Many athletes/runners know it: a slowly but surely emerging and irritating pain in the lower leg: calf injury and/ or shin complaints. Sometimes also a fierce sudden pain shoot in the calf, a muscle tear or whipping. Many are forced to stop the sport they enjoy for a longer or shorter period of time. And after a long recovery, it is difficult to get back to the old level. Often the athlete no longer dares to give himself 100 percent because of the fear that the injury will come back.

Nevertheless, in many cases this misery could have been prevented. Of course: a good warm-up and use of good footwear certainly also contributes to the prevention of injuries, but very often this is not enough. The muscles also need extra support for enthusiastic (amateur) runners. And that can easily be realized nowadays. You see them more and more often the runners with, as it seems, kneesocks on. They have chosen not to let the pleasure in their sport be spoiled by painful lower legs and have proceeded to use Herzog Sport Compressionsocks.

Herzog Sport Compressionsocks are the only ones that have a scientifically proven effect.

A correct pressure gradient from the ankle to the knee ensures optimal drainage of the venous blood with waste products. A well-fitted Herzog Sport Compression Stocking therefore prevents a lot of trouble.

In addition, the muscles also experience a firm support as a result of the compression, so that small or larger injuries are less likely to occur. The relatively high compression ensures that the impact of the landing in the running movement is well absorbed. socks provide a shock-absorbing effect so that much less muscle damage will occur. In this way, the running sport can still be practiced permanently with considerably less chance of injuries, so that the enthusiasm is maintained.

Varicose veins

And what to do with existing varicose veins? During the foot landing, the column of venous blood pushes with great force against the weakened leg vessels. socks support and compress the vessels. The muscle pumping function during walking functions better because the valves are able to prevent backflowing blood and false circulations. However, this is only possible when the compression of the stocking is sufficiently high, has a high resistance and has the correct descending pressure values.

Herzog Medical has been able to demonstrate in various medical studies that this is the case. These socks are therefore the only ones that fully meet the requirements that must be set for a good Sport Compression Stocking. Only settle for herzog’s Sport Compressionsocks .

Sport Compressionsocks from Herzog Medical tested against science

That the Herzog Medical Compressionsocks do what is said of them is supported by a number of scientific studies. For three of them here the summary and conclusions (for the original and complete articles see:

Sport Compression stocking for calf complaints; what does the athlete think?

By G. Lentjens, I. van de Port and F. Backx

Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, UMC Utrecht.

The study concerns a user study in which the positive and negative experiences of the sport with regard to the use of the Herzog Sport Compressionsocks were recorded by means of interviews. It concerned athletes with calf complaints from the posterior or lateral compartment. They exercised for half an hour at least twice a week and wore the socks for three months during and up to one hour after the sports activities. The standardized interviews were conducted before the start of the study, after one month and after three months after the start. The population included 20 men and 11 women in the sports of running, volleyball, football and korfball. The most common training duration was 60-90 minutes. After a month, the complaints of 22 athletes are reduced and of 3 athletes completely disappeared. 63% indicate that they will continue to use the socks . The athletes already had long-term chronic calf complaints that had already been treated unsuccessfully in many ways. Therefore, the recovery and performance-enhancing effects can be called positive.

Recovery from calf complaints:

after a month, the complaints of 22 athletes are reduced and of 3 athletes completely disappeared.


Sport Compressionsocks: user experience of 50 soldiers

By drs. W.O. Zimmermann and M.A. Paantjens MPt

Training medicine and training physiology Utrecht

Summary and conclusions

The study makes an inventory of the diagnoses for which the Herzog Sport Compressionsocks are prescribed and whether the patients are satisfied with them. 62 Dutch soldiers were given the socks in 2009.

The Herzog Sport Compressionsocks were mainly prescribed to patients with sports injuries to the lower legs: calf complaints, Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome and Chronic Exercised Compartment Syndrome. The average usage rating is 7.4 on a scale of 1 to 10. The highest rating is given by patients in the subgroup ‘functional calf complaints without injury’ (8,1). In the explanatory statement, patients mainly mention: ‘complaint reduction’, ‘a beneficial effect on sports performance’ and ‘wearing comfort’.

In a group of recreational runners, wearing Herzog Sport Compressionsocks during a protocol run over 10 km on asphalt has been shown to reduce the occurrence of Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness (DOMS).


Restore shinsplints with Herzog Sport Compressionsocks

By E.G. Willems and M.H. Moen (Sports Medicine)

Summary and conclusions

Through various hospitals in the west of the Netherlands, 22 athletes and runners between the ages of 16 and 53 were recruited. They all suffered from exercise-related pain on the inside of the lower leg and pressure pain on the tibia.

The group was divided into two parts:

One group was given a rehabilitation schedule with running and the second group also received this schedule with the wearing of the Herzog Sport Compression Stocking. The athletes were seen every two weeks to measure the progression and adjust the running schedule. In the athlete group that wore the compression socks in addition to the rehabilitation schedule, the recovery took place 11% faster than in the athletes from the group who did not use the compressionsocks . Bitches, the compression stocking users were more satisfied with the overall treatment than the other group.

It can be concluded that adding the Herzog Sport Compression Stocking to the usual rehabilitation methods results in significantly faster recovery.