Optimal recovery after the marathon

Running a marathon is often an attack on your body and its recovery takes a long time. Reducing muscle fatigue depends heavily on a quick removal of moisture and waste. New Australian research conducted by Dr. Stuart Armstrong, Anglesea Sports Medicine, Hamilton, New Zealand, etc., it appears that the use of compression socks with a relatively high compression of over 30 mm Hg at the ankle/underside of the calf and a decreasing pressure profile towards the knee can significantly accelerate this recovery.

Only the Herzog PRO Sport Compressionsocks fully meet this pressure level and pressure profile!

The researchers had two groups of runners take a maximum exercise test (to maximum exhaustion) two weeks before running a marathon. One group wore high-pressure compressionsocks , both day and night, for two full days after the marathon, and the other group wore placebo socks, with very little compression. Two weeks after the marathon, both groups again performed a maximum exercise test. The group that wore placebo socks performed 3.4% worse two weeks after the marathon than two weeks before the marathon. The group that did wear real compressionsocks did considerably better: two weeks after their marathon they even performed 2.6% better than two weeks before the marathon.

This study was conducted with socks with a high compression value of more than 30 mm Hg on the ankle/bottom calf, with a decreasing pressure profile to 23 mm Hg below the knee.

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Wearing the real Herzog PRO Sport Compressionsocks at rest thus makes a significant contribution to speeding up recovery after a marathon or heavy running training. A high compression value is therefore essential for proper operation.

View the full study here.