Get more out of your workout with the Herzog PRO Sport Compression Socks and Shorts.
Avoid tired legs and recover significantly faster after your workout. A perfect fit guaranteed by 6 measuring points!

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Soccer players play a large number of games a year. Their game effort requires a lot from the body: walking, turning, slowing down, speeding and sprinting: all actions that require a lot of the legs. But you have to be fit for that.



Herzog PRO Compression Shorts

In the long line of most common soccer injuries, calf injuries and hamstring problems are unfortunately high. Thanks to a completely new development, i.e. offering dosed compression, common injuries to the calf and tibia and problems with the hamstrings can be prevented and recovery has been speeded up.

Lower leg complaints
Soccer is a contact sport and so bruises and swelling easily arise. Muscle pain, cramps and whipping are also common. Wearing the Herzog Sport Compression Socks works preventively and contributes to a faster recovery.

KNVB Toppers and their experiences
The Sports Medical Centre of the KNVB in Zeist has also had very positive experiences for some time with these special socks among top soccer players and referees of professional soccer. Several international players now regularly use the Herzog Sports Compression Socks to get fit, but above all to stay fit.

The Herzog Sport Compression Socks were used for the first time by the Dutch team during the European Under-21 Championships by the medical staff of Foppe de Haan. Now they are used at a large number of Paid Soccer clubs during training and competitions. The Herzog Sport Compression Socks help to prevent acidification, combat cramping and promote recovery after exercise.

Jorien ter Mors

Herzog Sport Compression Shorts
Herzog PRO Sport Compression Shorts can be used in treatment, and preventively, for various injuries to the upper leg and groin.

Hamstring and groin injuries arise from fierce starting, sprinting, abrupt braking, quick averting and turning. In soccer, groin injuries are even in the top 3 of the most common injuries.

With the Sport Compression Shorts from Herzog Medical there is finally a solution! With a dosed compression, many of these injuries can be prevented and it can speed up the recovery. Thanks to three measurement points, these compression shorts are precisely tailored to the soccer player’s leg contour.

  • Effective with hamstring and groin injuries
  • Relatively high compression
  • Optimal support
  • Knitted with high-quality microfibers
  • Rapid disposal of waste

Herzog PRO Sport Compression Shorts are available in multiple colors and therefore will always fit, under the trousers of, your team colors.

“We train every day and I am also at the ALO (Academy of Physical Education.) In short, I move quite a lot in a day. I got some thigh complaints and often suffered from ‘heavy legs’ which allowed me to train less hard and enter the matches uncertainly. After I ordered the thigh stockings, this is almost no longer common. When I have muscle pain in my legs, I put them on and the pain quickly disappears. On race day, I always have my thigh stockings on. Since then I’ve been playing whole games again and I don’t suffer from anything the next day!”

Loïs Oudemast

“As a professional soccer player, it is important to be physically in optimal condition. Partly because of the Compry Recovery, which I use after a heavy training or competition, I feel good and recover better than if I do not. It’s very easy to do, we have two at the physio and we also take them on the bus to an away game. I use the Compry Recovery at least twice a week, but sometimes twice in a day!”

Radinio Balker

Almere City

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