Fit legs after a long workday

After a long working day, during which you have spent most of your time sitting down, your legs and feet can get very swollen. With Herzog Compression Socks you improve blood flow in your legs, which keeps them feeling fresh.

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When you sit at your desk for a long time, and are therefore inactive, the blood and fluid in your body sinks to your ankles. As a result, you experience swollen ankles & feet and sometimes also painful (lower) legs. A simple and effective way to prevent this is to wear Herzog Compression Socks during your (work) day. This helps blood flow and makes your legs feel fresh at the end of the day.



Recovering on the couch with Herzog Medical

Compression socks for prevention & relief

A long day at work is on the horizon. Because of the passive sitting still, your blood tends to linger in the lower limbs. A lack of oxygen occurs, fatigue strikes and the feet and legs start to swell and feel heavy. Reasons enough to wear compression socks. Due to the pleasant decreasing pressure, from ankle to knee, your blood circulation remains optimal and the socks provide relief to your feet and legs.

For who are compression socks suitable?

Compression socks are suitable for anyone who has to sit for work for a longer period of time. Some examples are:

    • Administrative assistant
    • Graphic designer
    • Marketing employee
    • Journalists
    • Writers
    • Receptionists
    • Secretary
    • Call center employee
    • Bus driver
    • Truck driver
    • Driver in general

    PRO Compression Sock White – €54,95

    PRO Compression Sock Black – €54,95

    Active Compression Sock White – €44,95

    Active Compression Sock Black – €44,95

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