Get more out of your run with the Herzog PRO Sport Compression Socks and Tubes.
Avoid tired legs and recover significantly faster after your workout. A perfect fit guaranteed by 6 measuring points!

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Anyone can run. Anytime, anywhere. Maybe you recognize it… To feel fit you started with some laps through the park. Afterwards you feel energetic and you also lost some pounds. Slowly you get caught up in the feeling. The wind on your cheeks and burning lungs that tell you you did your best. Delicious!.




Until you slowly experience some minor aches and pains while running… Stray calves, a nagging Achilles tendon or pain in your tibia. While running, your lower legs will suffer a lot. With each landing you catch up to three times your own body weight. You can imagine that an untrained body has to get used to this impact. Stiff calves are often the first sign that your body needs a little extra help.

Herzog Sport Compression Socks
By wearing Herzog sports compression socks while running you support and stimulate your calf muscles. The special pressure gradient of the socks ensures that the shock load on the lower leg is absorbed more efficiently. This results in less muscle damage and you experience less muscle pain. You also reduce tensile forces on your Achilles tendons and your tibia membrane.

Faster recovery
Catching your breath on the couch after a big workout? Keep your Herzog socks on and take advantage of the recovery-enhancing properties of the sock. By wearing the socks in rest, you stimulate your blood circulation so that waste materials are removed from the combustion process faster. The result? You recover faster and are better equipped for your next run.

Many top athletes and recreational sporters no longer want to workout without
We realize that every athlete is different. Therefore we strive for the ‘perfect fit’. Due to our advanced measurement system, the compression is precisely tailored to your legs! Marianne Vos, Jorien ter Mors and all Team DSM riders swear by Herzog. You too can get even more out of your sports performance with Herzog compression technology!

Jorien ter Mors

Since 2013 I am a very enthusiastic Herzog user; socks, tubes, ankle socks and the Compry Recovery. Since then, I don’t want to livewithout. With Herzog socks I won my first World Title, the 1,500m in Brazil. Then 7 more World Titles and more, all with Herzog products.

Nicole Weijling

Belongs to the absolute world top in her age group

‘At the beginning of my sports career I suffered a lot from shin complaints and Achilles tendon problems. As a result, I regularly had to take the gas back into the training structure. Since I started wearing the Herzog socks, I’ve become much more assessable . As a result, I have been able to run stable training blocks for years, so that I can still continue to improve myself after nine years of top athletics. I couldn’t think of the socks not being in my training equipment and match outfit.’

Suzanne Voorrips

Athlete of Team 4 Mile


We are extremely proud that as a Recovery partner we can contribute to the recovery of the following teams and athletes

Go for it!