It’s almost that far… the Rotterdam Marathon! You’re in shape, the work is done, and it’s time to taper. Unfortunately, in these last weeks, small aches and pains and injuries are lurking. Maybe you recognize it: your condition is great but you sometimes experience muscle pain, stiff calves, a nagging Achilles tendon or pain in your shin. Can Herzog PRO Compressionsocks provide just the extra support you need in your final weeks of preparation?

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Prevent injuries with Herzog socks

Stiff calves are often the first sign that your body needs a little extra ‘support’. socks offer a solution. Herzog socks are knitted in such a way that the calf is kept ‘compact’ and the shock load on the lower leg is efficiently absorbed. For example, the special compression course of Herzog compressionsocks forces on the Achilles tendons and the tibia.

Your leg sizes are unique!

At Herzog, the central point is that every runner is unique. After all, a slender runner of 1.95m with shoe size 42 has different calf contours than a muscular athlete of 1.75 with the same shoe size. Herzog Medical therefore works with a unique measuring system in which your ready-to-wear size is determined on the basis of 6 measuring points. With a range that consists of no less than 54 ready-to-wear sizes, you are always assured that the compression is tailored to your legs!

Recover faster after your marathon

Did you know that it is smart to wear Herzog socks for the first few days after your marathon? Yes, even at rest. This way you can limit the nagging muscle pain and fatigue of your marathon and significantly speed up your recovery! By wearing Herzog compressionsocks at rest, you stimulate your blood circulation so that the waste products of the combustion process are removed faster. The result? You experience less muscle pain and you can pick up your training rhythm earlier.

PRO Compression Socks Orange – €54,95

PRO Compression Sock Black – €54,95

PRO Compression Socks Pink – €54,95

PRO Compression Socks Blue – €54,95

receive 10% discount with the code ROTTERDAM010

“When I started running, I often had a problem with my shins. After a week with Herzog socks, the symptoms decreased. Now I don’t want to live without it anymore!”