how do you put on compression spcks?

Putting on Herzog PRO Compression Socks

When you first have the Herzog Pro Compression Socks in your hands, you may experience it as difficult to put them on. This seems to be a disadvantage, but indicates that the sock has the right compression. When a compression sock is easy to put on, it means that there is less than 30 mmHG incorporated into the sock. At Herzog, we make sure that the sock helps you by creating an optimal waste disposal. For this we use a descending compression from the ankle to the knee, which starts at 30mmHG. With less, the compression sock loses its function. If you can easily put on the Herzog Pro Compression Sock over time, it’s time for a new pair to keep making the most of your workout.

To help you put on the socks, we recorded the video below. This way you can put the sock on more easily and most importantly, you make sure the sock stays intact.