How compression helps during your pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing and you want to make this time as comfortable as possible. Using compression socks can already provide a lot of relief, making you feel a little fitter during the day.
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Compression socks are perfect for leg problems during pregnancy. High-tech compression promotes blood circulation in the legs. The result? Less trouble with restless legs, less chance of varicose veins and less swollen legs. Venous diseases and thrombosis are effectively prevented.



Recovering on the couch with Herzog Medical

Pregnancy and compression socks

By wearing compression socks during your pregnancy, you help your body to stimulate optimal blood circulation in your legs. This is due to the gradual compression (decreasing pressure from the ankle to knee) in the socks. This makes you experience less tired or sore legs and feet. You feel fitter. The compression socks give just that little extra support to absorb the extra weight of the baby. Also wear the compression socks on the sofa in the evening for more rested legs. Especially during the last months this can be experienced as very pleasant.

But wearing compression socks also has the advantage of reducing the chance of varicose veins. This is partly because the circulation in the legs is stimulated so that the veins in the lower legs will start to swell less.

It is not for nothing that midwives, GPs and gynecologists advise to wear “pregnancy socks”, or compression socks.

Pregnancy and sore feet & legs

As a result of your pregnancy, your legs have to work harder than ever. The enormously increased blood volume and extra weight of the growing baby have a major influence on your blood circulation. Add to that the increase in estrogen that causes arterial walls to relax a bit and the result is painful feet & legs. Compression socks help with this, because the socks optimize blood circulation and distribute the blows that your legs absorb evenly over your legs while walking.

Pregnancy and fluid retention

When you are pregnant, one of the inconveniences that comes with it is the retention of water through your body. By wearing a pair of compression socks you will prevent moisture build-up. The pressure that the compression provides on your legs and feet ensures that there is a better blood flow from the lower limbs to the heart. This way you avoid the well-known ‘kenkels’, swollen feet and ankles, and the associated discomfort.

Recovering on the couch with Herzog Medical

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