1. Size below the knee
1. Size around knee
A. 2cm above the knee
B. Middle of the upper leg
C. Size of waist above hipbone
1. 2cm above the knee
2. 1cm below the buttocks
3. Thigh length in cm
F. 14cm above the kneecap
E. Size over the kneecap
D. 11cm below the kneecap
A. Circumference wrist
B. Circumference biceps, with bowed arm
C. Wrist A till 3cm below the armpit (c)
2. Biggest calfsize
2. Calfsize
3. Size of ankle
4. heel - instep line
5. leglength
6. Shoesize

1. Measure the wide of the leg 1cm under the knee pleat.

2. Measure the widest spot of the calf.

3. Measure the smallest spot of the ankle.

4. Measure the wide of the heel - instep line.

5. Measure the length of the leg up to 1cm under the knee pleat (in seating position).