Internship: (Sports) Marketing & Communication

Terschuur Hotels


To support our marketing team, we are looking for a Marketing & Communication intern.

With a full sports year ahead of us, we are looking for new talent who would like to focus on marketing within the sports world.

During this period you can gain a lot of experience with various (online) marketing and communication activities under the guidance of an experienced marketing team.

What are your core tasks?

  • Keeping track of market developments
  • Conducting market research
  • Developing and setting up marketing campaigns

What else do you do?

  • Compiling newsletters
  • Developing graphic expressions
  • Support in organizing and executing events
  • Contributing to the day-to-day operations within the company

What does a working day at Herzog Medical look like?

At 9:00 you start the day with a nice cup of coffee or tea. While you drink this quietly, open your mailbox to see if there are any urgent matters that you need to pick up. The next step is to see what has happened within the sports world. The Dutch Korfball team is currently in America for the World Games and they are through to the final. As a Recovery partner, we can’t let this pass us by, so you quickly make a nice social media post to congratulate the ladies and gentlemen.

The next step is to see what your campaign has done so far. A newsletter went out over the weekend to announce our latest product and you are the one responsible for this campaign. That will be the statistics of the newsletter, but also of the Facebook ads that you have linked to this. After writing a report, it’s already time for lunch.

The sun is shining, so together with part of the team you take the leg wagon and walk a little bit through Terschuur along the meadows and birds. A breath of fresh air and some exercise is always ideal for new inspiration.

When you return, it’s time to dive back behind the computer and deal with some partnership requests. Then it turns out at once that there is not enough footage for your colleague’s new campaign. Help! Fortunately, you are also sporty and you put on the (naughty) running shoes to be a model. So the afternoon flies by and before you know it it is 17:00 and time to close things off.

Fortunately, there is always a new day for all the tasks that you did not get around to today.


What can you do with us?

At Herzog Medical we are open to all types of internships. Are you looking for a internship? No problem. We are happy to help you.

Are you looking for a (graduation) internship with your own assignment? We also have the space for that. We even have an idea for what type of assignment you can do with us, but are open to your own input.

Assignment idea 1

You will independently conduct research into the market positioning of one of our products (arm sleeves, shorts, tubes, etc.).

Then you come up with a marketing campaign that you will actually carry out.

All under the guidance of the marketing team

Assignment idea 2

We want to launch several new products soon. It’s up to you to come up with a launch plan for one of these articles.

Then you also implement this plan yourself.

Who are you?

  • You are at least a 2nd-year student in the direction of communication, (online) marketing and/or media.
  • You are looking for a full-time internship (preferably from five to six months)
  • You are driven, enthusiastic and independent.
  • You have an affinity with sports, are creative and have a commercial attitude.
  • You speak and write Flawless Dutch and also enjoy producing content.
  • Pre: You have an affinity with social media and making appealing stories and reels is easy for you
  • Pre: You are familiar with the basics of the Adobe package
  • Pre: You have experience with video editing
  • Pre: You have experience with MailBlue, WordPress and/or Exact

What do we offer?

  • An opportunity to gain relevant work experience within the marketing and communications industry in a growing and innovative company
  • A lot of responsibility
  • The space to contribute your own ideas and, if desired, to work independently on your own assignment
  • A nice internship within a small team
  • An internship allowance
  • A beautiful workplace in Terschuur

Herzog Medical B.V. is an international player in the field of compression products within the sports world. Our success is based on years of experience and continuous dialogue with (top) athletes, knitters and (para) medics. The product range consists of professional solutions for numerous sports-related injuries.

Do you want to support us in the marketing and communication work and at the same time gain relevant work experience at a fast-growing company full of ambition?

For more information about the position, please email