Find the solution against running injuries

Do you suffer from aches and pains while running?

Are you an avid runner, or have you picked up running again after months (or even years)? Then you probably recognize it: getting fit is fun, but is often accompanied by small aches, complaints and perhaps even injuries. Although your fitness is improving by leaps and bounds and you have even purchased a new pair of running shoes, you are increasingly experiencing stiff calves. It is also possible that after your daily round through the park or after that tough interval training on the road, you suffer a lot from muscle pain in your lower legs. Fanatical runners often suffer from their Achilles tendon or shin when increasing their kilometers. These are all first signs of starting injuries. You have probably looked on the internet and come across terms such as: whiplash, shinsplints and shin meningitis. All different terms for running injuries. You are certainly not the only one who suffers from this and is looking for a solution. We’ll give you a hand.

Wear Compressionsocks during and after running

By wearing Herzog Sport compression socks while running you help and stimulate your calf muscles. The PRO compressionsocks and compression tubes (socks without foot) deliver a relatively high compression from the ankle to the knee. This firm compression on the lower leg ensures that your calf muscles are kept compact and there are fewer tensile forces on your Achilles tendons and your shin membrane. The result? Muscle damage is limited and you are less likely to suffer from calf complaints and shin injuries. Moreover, you experience much less muscle pain after running.

Do you always want to start your next training fit and rested? Then it is advisable to keep the socks on for a long time after your training. Due to the decreasing pressure profile, the Herzog Compressionsocks stimulate blood circulation so that waste products from the combustion process are removed faster. That way you give your recovery a boost! Please note: use the compression tubes (socks without a foot) only during running and not after. When your legs are in a resting position, there is no compression effect on the foot, but only on the lower leg. Combine these tubes with compression ankle socks for, among other things, preventing irritation of the tendon plate under the foot.

At Herzog Medical, we know that no two athletes are the same. We strive to provide every athlete with the perfect sock. Thanks to our advanced measuring system, you will always receive a compression sock that is precisely tailored to your legs. Use our size app and measure your lower leg at 6 points. That way you are always assured of the perfect fit.

Many top athletes and recreationists use Herzog PRO compressionsocks

The proof that the Herzog compressionsocks do their job well, is evident from the fact that many top socks. Jorien ter Mors (speed skater), Anna van der Breggen (Olympic road cyclist), top volleyball player Robin de Kruijf and triathlete Pieter Heemeryck know better than anyone how the Herzog Compressionsocks support a good recovery.

I use Herzog socks on every flight to recover faster from the trip. The same goes for long car journeys and moments in between matches. Herzog socks are a regular item in my suitcase.
Anna van der Breggen

Olympic and European cycling champion

In addition, a large-scale user survey from April 2019 shows that the use of Herzog Compressionsocks among runners contributes positively to sports performance. For example, 84% of the 800 users indicated that they experienced fewer injuries and 74% of the respondents indicated that by wearing the socks after a training and / or competition, they recovered faster. Most of this research group consisted of recreational runners.

So: you too can get more out of your sports performance thanks to Herzog’s compression technology!

Do you want some questions about Herzog PRO Compressionsocks?

Herzog Medical is a Dutch company and an international player in the field of compression within the sports world. Our success is based on years of medical experience and constant dialogue with doctors and athletes. In addition, we work together with the Athletics Union, the Royal Dutch Korfball Association and the NKBV to ensure that everything is taken out of the sport.

Do you need help measuring your lower leg? Questions regarding putting on the socks? Or do you have other questions about the application of our products? Our customer service is always there for you. Feel free to contact us.

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