During korfball, the lower legs suffer a lot. With each jump, up to three times the body weight is collected. There is sprinting, abrupt braking and the game requires fast movements. Turn, turn, turn and jump. That’s handball!

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As an athlete you go for the highest achievable and you ask a lot of your body. In competitions, there is constant sprinting, abrupt braking and the game requires fast movements. With each jump, up to three times the body weight is collected. With Herzog Medical compression socks you opt for maximum support.




Team NL Handball chooses Herzog Compression Socks

The Dutch handball top delivers short and intensive efforts during training and matches that demand a lot from the body. To support the orange selections, Herzog, specialist in the field of compression socks within the sports world, supplies Herzog PRO Compression Socks. These socks support and stimulate the calf muscle, provide better blood flow and minimize the chance of typical handball injuries.

“As a company, it is great to make an important contribution to the recovery and performance capacity of the Dutch handball top. Our compression socks are not only used to prevent common injuries, they are also a nice ‘weapon’ to combat fatigue and boost recovery,” says Harald Herzog, director of Herzog Medical.

Calf, Achilles tendon and shin complaints
In the medical world, the Therapeutic Elastic Compression Socks is used for people with varicose veins or edema formation (fluid accumulation) in the legs. They benefit from wearing these socks that closely enclose the lower leg. The experiences among athletes with calf, Achilles tendon and tibia complaints or another lower leg injury also point in this direction.

Preventive and healing
In case of calf complaints, muscle strains and cramps, the Herzog Sport Compression Socks work preventively. They reduce the shock load, preventing muscle damage.

In order to guarantee optimal operation,
it is necessary that the Herzog Sport Compression is perfectly adapted to the contours of your leg. A shoe size alone says nothing about the leg shape, which is why multiple measuring points are necessary to ensure a correct fit.

Recovery is an essential part of being able to perform optimally. We are proud to have entered into a partnership with our new partner Herzog Medical in the field of Recovery. Their expertise, products and services ensure that our selections can deliver the best performance.

Sjors Röttger

Director, Dutch Handball Association


We are extremely proud that as a Recovery partner we can contribute to the recovery of the following teams and athletes

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