Herzog Medical is, on a global level, the only compression supplier that produces socks that have been scientifically proven to be effective in fighting injuries and promoting recovery. An extensive scientific study from the University Medical Center Utrecht, cluster sports medicine, confirms what Herzog Medical has been propagating for more than 20 years. And yes, we are quite PROUD of that!

Franke and Backx (2021) have conducted a large-scale cross-sectional study into the effects and effect of Herzog PRO Sport Compression Socks. Within this research trajectory, we looked at the injury pattern and the sports history of 512 athletes.




of all athletes are no longer confronted with recurring injury complaints when wearing Herzog socks
Herzog prevents shin splints

We have listed the most interesting research results for you:

Who participated in this study?

  • The research target group consisted of 800 athletes
  • Within this group, 88.1% were endurance athletes and 11.9% fell under sports category ‘other’ (strength/indoor sport/sprint etc.)
  • For 84.7% of athletes, ‘running’ was the primary sport
  • All respondents were avid Herzog users and wore socks 75% to 100% of the time during/after exercise

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of athletes say they recover faster with Herzog socks

Why do athletes wear Herzog compression socks?

  • Many athletes cite as their primary reason: ‘secondary injury prevention’ (48.6%). This means that one wants to prevent an old injury from returning.
  • 14.8% percent of athletes wear Herzog socks to reduce or relieve the symptoms of a current injury. Current aches and pains are actively counteracted.
  • 13.6% of the athletes surveyed wear Herzog socks purely injury prevention.
Recovering on the couch with Herzog Medical
Recovering on the couch with Herzog Medical

What positive effects do athletes experience?

  • 98% of the athletes who use Herzog socks for ‘secondary injury prevention’ confirm that they are actually no longer confronted with recurring complaints with Herzog socks.
  • 80% of the athletes who use Herzog socks for a faster recovery indicate that they regenerate significantly better after exercise.
  • 70% of athletes who indicate that they wear socks for performance improvement also signal an improvement in sports performance.
  • In runners, who always wear compression socks or tubes during training and competitions and cover an average running distance of ≥23 km, asignificant lower occurrence of sports injuries in the lower leg was noted.
Herzog socks are often used to prevent the recurrence of injuries (48.6%) or to minimize current pain complaints (14.8%)

Did you know…

  • Endurance athletes often have to deal with an injury that occurs gradually.
  • Runners often have to deal with Achilles tendon problems, shinsplint complaints and calf ruptures.
  • The most common injuries in endurance athletes are to the lower leg (64.8%) and the knee (16.4%). In non-endurance athletes, injuries often occur to the lower leg (60.4%) and the ankle (16.7%).
Within the Herzog range, the Herzog PRO Sport Compression Socks (59.2%) and the Herzog PRO Sport Tubes (27.0%) are the most commonly used stockings.

Franke and Backx (2021) have not only researched the (positive) effects that athletes experience when they wear Herzog socks. The researchers also delved into the physiological explanation for the injury prevention effect of Herzog socks. For example, the research of Poppel, Scholten-Peeters, van Middelkoop, Koes, Verhagen (2018) is cited. This clearly shows that wearing compression socks while running reduces the vibration of the calf muscles (in particular the medial-lateral and the anterior-posterior movement)*. The socks effectively reduce the shock load, preventing muscle damage. The result is that there are far fewer tensile forces on your Achilles tendons and your tibia.

* van Poppel D, Scholten-Peeters GGM, van Middelkoop M, Koes BW, Verhagen AP. Risk models for lower extremity injuries among short- and long distance runners: A prospective cohort study. Musculoskeleton Sci Pract. 2018;36:48–53.


Athletes wear Herzog to prevent the return of injuries, reduce current complaints, speed up recovery and improve sports performance. The main motivation to start with injury prevention is to suffer an injury. The study by Franke and Backx (2021) shows that athletes see Herzog socks as an important preventive measure to reduce injuries. When we look at the research results and the experienced effects of 512 fanatical athletes, Herzog seems to both reduce and prevent compression socks (recurring) sports injuries.

Do you want to read the full publication in Sport, Medicine and Rehabilitation? You can easily download the entire study here.

Go for it!